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  1. Hello, ...... it's been such along time since I been on this forum that I'm not even sure if this is the correct sub-forum for my topic! ... I now have two harddisks on my computer running FSX under WindowsXP ... However, even though the latest (D:) has plenty of capacity, the original (C: with FSX installed) has much less, and is now getting full-up (only 20go free!!) ... Wherever possible I install new sceneries to disk D:, but as I understand it some sceneries are best kept on the same H/D as FSX (eg ORBX) ...... my question: can I reinstall my MegaScenery California photo-scenery onto di
  2. Hello everyone ... I have been off this site for some time now, so I apologize in advance if this topic has already been discussed ... !! But ... has anyone information of reports I have had of Microsoft having sold off the rights to their Flight Simulator to DOVETAIL GAMES ... ??? David
  3. Now returning to flight simming after a break on other things! ...... but still having the same problems with non-appearing AI traffic (SEE ABOVE) It's TRAFFIC X that I'm not seeing over photoreal scenery with both Mega CALIFORNIA and Flylogic SWITZERLAND (although in both cases I can hear high level jet traffic ... !!).... could be anything to do with scenery layers? .... (should my TRAFFIC X be above or below my photo scenery ... ??? Interestingly I can see TRAFFIC X stuff over Horizon VFR PHOTO Generatio X ENGLAND ... !!??!! It's pretty lonely flying in California at the moment .... c
  4. What's all this about not flying the Union Flag? ...... I raise it every morning on the balcony of my flat in Paris! David
  5. Nice one Joe! .... eye-watering stuff seen from over here in Paris! David PS FSX scenery getting better every day ... ??
  6. Thanks chaps ... !! I have only FSX installed (no residual FS9 stuff!!) In my FSX config I have:- ... aircraft cast shadows on ground=no ... aircraft cast shadows on itself=no Before installing MegaSceneryEarth-California I had Justflight TRAFFIC X operating with no problems. Likewise I have the same problem with Flylogic SWITZERLAND X where neither TRAFFIC X or FSX default AI GA traffic now appears (it reappears immediateley flying out of these photoscenery areas ... !!????!! David
  7. Fair comment on the Autopilot, John! ... maybe also (with A/P off) laydor's comments about throttle settings on twin props is a factor ... have you tried switching on "propsync" ... ?? David
  8. Having just installed MegaSceneryEarth photographic for the state of California, I now seem to have lost my general aviation AI traffic ... !!??!! Although I can still hear airline traffic on the radio I can see nothing!! ... Has anyone experienced the same problem? And can someone tell me how to get my local AI traffic back? .... As soon as I fly out of the photoreal zone I again have all my AI traffic visible at all airfields ....... !!!! David
  9. If you're turning left (ie not holding course) even with the auto-pilot on, maybe you just have a very strong cross wind ... ??? David
  10. Larger monitors, yes .... or maybe MORE monitors? OR projectors ... ??!!?? David
  11. Bonjour, Nice setup Martin B, but I think diverone was asking about an "enclosed" cockpit? ... apart from taking up a fair amount of space (2 seats!) the questio arrises: monitor(s) or projector(s) ... !! David
  12. Right! ... thanks, stu7708 ... I'll give it a go, but I seem to remember in FS5 that red hot molten lava was to be seen on the coast with a rather impressive vertical smoke do-da in to the see. This as well as more conventional smoke out of the active volcano inland coming out of its red hot core ...... exciting times; David
  13. Mais oui, mes amis ...... but I haven't in fact yet been able to see in FSX the volvanic activity that I remember in previous MSFS! ... what could I be doing wrong? I'm in 1983 summer-dusk ... should I be at a more specific date/time (January 3rd for example), or is the spectacle there all (this) year round?? Can anyone confirm the position (on the big island, flying south out of HILO and tracking the coast line one should see something surely?!?!) Thanks guys ...... David
  14. Genial mes amis ... merci beaucoup!! David
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