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  1. Unfortunately my computer is salvageable, so I restarted on my new computer. Here is a picture of the new model:
  2. Hello everyone, I just got my new computer and I am ready to install all of my planes onto it. Unfortunately I have been trying to download FSX SP1 from fsinsider but the download link is not working. Do you know of a mirror download that I can use? Thanks, Wyatt
  3. I have temporarily cancelled my project do to computer issues.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I plan on the panel being 14 inches tall and three feet wide with the quadrant stacked on top of the yoke column. The screen I plan on using is 12" by 9", so I figure I can fit several 2.5 inch gauges on it. I plan on buying a small screen and some electronics to create the gps. I'll put all my avionics in a 6" by 12" column to the left of the yoke. If I want to expand I have some space above the yoke, and 1 inch bellow the main panel (screen) where I can put switches.
  5. I like the Beechcraft 55, Cessna Skymaster, and the PA-20
  6. Hi guys, I am thinking of creating a "universal" twin cockpit for FSX. I plan to use 2 screens (one for the gauges and one for the view), a plywood board for the panel cover, and some prebuilt hardware for the control panels and primary flight controls. I plan to modify my CH Yoke to have the yoke far to to the left of the pole/column. Do you have any ideas on how to improve my design? You advice is appreciated, Wyatt
  7. I have tried everything that I can think of and it is still not working, so I am switching to my old Dimension 8400.
  8. Thanks, the computer just started freezing on morning and it has been every time I have tried to turn it on since. It doesn't run on safe mode, nor if I try startup repair. I'll try some of your suggestions.
  9. Hi guys, recently my Dell desktop computer has been freezing every time I turn it on. I have had no issues with this computer for the past 3 years I have had it. Do you guys have any ideas on what may be wrong? Thanks, Wyatt
  10. Thanks Andrew, I have decided on this ercoupe.
  11. Hello, I've recently been doing research on some old airplanes, and the one that I think pops out is the ercoupe/aircoupe. Does anyone know where I can find one (Payware or freeware)? Thanks, Wyatt
  12. I restarted on the fuselage so now it looks better:
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