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  1. Thanks I think I have got it!! Much appreciated.
  2. So I have downloaded the suggested airport files from Mr Allard on Mutleys home page - where do I put these to be able to access them in Plan G?
  3. Thanks - finally found it, but have no idea as to why Plan G doesn't recognize it?!!
  4. Sorry, should have noted that this was for 1st Leg Waypoint #6 - LFOV
  5. Cant seem to find this airport when I punch it into Plan G!! Any direction would help...airport name? the ICAO code given doesn't come up.
  6. Loaded up the test flight files, tuned the REN VOR to 109.25 and had no ident ... checked it out to find it should be REN VOR 112.80 ....just a heads up for those using FS9.
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