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  1. Thank you, I keep you posted ;-)
  2. Hello Fellow Simmers, It’s been a while since I posted some news about my "yet to make flightsimulator". I check the forums now and then to check what you are all up to ;-) I made a short video to show off my garmin undocked an places in a 7 inch usb monitor. A small step but I’m enjoying it! The testflight was in haeavy IFR (snow) conditions for a touch and go on EHVB.     http://youtu.be/KNH2wAzrsHs cheers, Jan
  3. thank you very much for sharing. I think when its 37 inch tall, you use a special (low to the ground) chair?
  4. Hello Diverone, Would you be so kind to share the measurements with me? (hight and width of the dash) I think the size looks realy natural. Thank in advance. Kind regards, Jan de Vries
  5. It is good to bring two simmers closer together (maybe merge the two companys? ) Thank you very much Gents, it works! I installed the latest version en problem are over. 1 question if I may: fsx is going to pause if I work with plan-G on my second screen.. (no full screen mode) can I change that? kind regards, Jan
  6. Hello Simmers, When I read birdmanmike's Air Hauler adventures I noticed he uses plan-G along with AH. I cannot use plan-G along with AH, I thought it was normal because AH connects to fsx and plan-G also, maybe just 1 at the time. But by birdmanmike it works.. Does anyone have some tips or clues to resolve this problem? Thanks in advance. Jan.
  7. Thanks Den, It look realy interesting. the only thing I don't understand why I should get my instruments to work on an other computer? I have a matrox triplehead2go for the horizon sight and the second connection on my videocard for my gps and stuff. I always thought that with widefs, an second computer en a second fsx disc you can do it too.. does annybody know if you can you it that way? the peix software looks realy nice, do you know if I can rearrange the gauges or are the fixed? cheers,
  8. Hello fellow Simmers, Just to start of and test if I can place a photo on the forum. Searching for dimensions and proportion I visited de site simkits.com There I found an autocad drawing of an dash of a Cessna 172 skyhawk. ( http://www.simkits.com/brochures.php) Since I work at a company that is makes cartonboard packaging I asked if they could "plotter" it in cartonboard to give me an idea about the real dimmension. This is the result: My plan is to make it from wood and place it in front of an lcd screen. I read somewhere that there is software to replace the gauges in fsx to buil
  9. You got some money to spend M31 ;-) mindblowing.. 3 times 28" on highest resolution... I think even boeing 777 captains would say it's a big view! cheers
  10. I recently bought 2 10-port hubs in china http://www.dealextreme.com/p/10-port-usb-2-0-hub-with-external-power-source-100-240v-ac-adapter-33189 the problem is the power adapter (american) but I found a sollution: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/flat-to-round-power-plug-convertor-3529 problem with to few usb ports solved ;-) It takes a while but i'am really going to build my homepit.. Need to figure out how to place photo's on my own cockpitbuilding topic.. you hear from me soon.. Thanks for this nice forum, I realy enjoy it. Cheers
  11. Hi M31, Nice setup, I have a simmulair setup with saitek yoke, 2 throtlles, trimwheel, and modules. I wonder why you don't use a matrox thtg for the main screen? I also have de logitech mdf and try to find a way to hook them up with a 7 inch lcd display. the gps module looks verry nice! cheers, Jan
  12. I decided not to buy it. U don't know the brand and never saw it before. I doubt if a ever find a driver for it.. Conclusion: tempting but no.. Thanks guys for the help
  13. Hello Guys, I wonder if you could help me to decide. In Holland you have a site called "marktplaats.nl" it a bit like Ebay I always keep an eye on flightsimstuff.. Now I can buy a yoke an 2 panels for €175,00 http://verkopen.marktplaats.nl/photopopup/550176114/1 i'm verry interesting in the first panel (aerosoft flightpanel?) the seller told me that it has a (keyboard? ps2?) 6 pins connection. the fact that it does'nt have a usb connection makes me doubt verry much! Can you tell me if you guys know what panel this exactly is, and if this connection may give troubles? thanks in advance
  14. they does! What I realy noticed is that from the screenshots I saw that they are very "real" and also the weather and clouds are. When I look at mine.. they are poor and I use rex.. so I have to do some searching and spending some money because I think a good Scenery and weather and clouds make most of the feeling of "real" flying. cheers, Jan
  15. thank you Mutley, Sorry, I understand, when I have a question, open a new thread... cheers, Jan
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