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  1. I was the first plane it saw after it hatched.
  2. This was a basic test but I still have to have a really good play with REX and Shade. In fact this is a pretty bad image, I have gotten better clouds etc. Thanks for the input though...always welcome and I will undoubtedly need more in the future. -Tom
  3. Thanks Guys. I think I cracked it. I was advised to go into Customised weather and advanced settings. I set the cloud base for cumulus to 3000 -9500 ish with a broken setting of 5-8 and I get MUCH nicer clouds.
  4. This may seem a weird question but... I have noticed in many screen shots and especially in the Playsims Southern Scotland promotional screen shots there are lovely, BIG drifting puffy clouds. I have FSX and Rex but I still, for the most part , seem to get relatively small, puffy cotton ball clouds littering the sky no matter what I try. Am I missing a trick here? Where are the BIG sprawlling grey clouds with the occasional breaks of blue I seem to see everywhere in screen shots? This is what I get... ...this is what I would love...
  5. Too right... I can't wait to fly over my local at Dores on Loch Ness!!
  6. Thought you might like to see some of my screen shots...just for fun.
  7. I'm waiting by the door for my copy to hit the mat! Should be tomorrow...hopefully. I can't wait for a Highlands volume to be released. This is where I had my first real helicopter flight and I'd love to relive it from the right hand seat this time! This is a wondrous place and Im excited to fly a virtual version, especially with REX plugged in.
  8. Hello all. Im a newbie to this forum and to Sims. Just getting set up with my pc and software. I live in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. In fact Im sitting in a pub on Loch Ness right now. My wife HATES my interest in simming and I kid you not, she genuinely HATES it! Im mostly interested in helicopters and ideally bombing around photo realistic scenery...at the moment. I barely know how to use FSX, I certainly know NOTHING of navigation, instrument use or real world flight procedure but look forward to learning the stuff that will add realism and fun. I am a special effects artist b
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