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Found 14 results

  1. Todays lesson is, "Always check your 6 before stopping!!"
  2. So....in these trying times when many of us are confined to home (more flight sim time!!) because of circumstances, I am wondering who has study sims (and actually DOES study them!) and who flits from plane to plane? I must admit that I am more if a 'flitter' with spending a bit of time on one plane then moving to another. I do have a few study sims, but usually end up getting frustrated with them!! Cheers and stay safe! Martin
  3. Ok...Flight Sim can be a steep learning curve. It can also be frustrating at times, especially for slow learners like me!!! However, it is so nice when you finally get something figured and get that 'sweet' moment, I will give a couple of mine and perhaps you would like to share yours....?? 1. My first carrier landing (and also my first carrier landing in the MilViz F-4J Phantom II). 2. Finally being able to do something with TacPac and dropping my first bombs!!! (Ok...shameful confession. I have had TacPac for many months and not done much with it. Today...I
  4. Just looking through the forum, I see that Red Barron has a new job!! Congratulations!!! Some people mentioned about the perfect job, so let's open things up and let me ask..... 'What would be your perfect job....'? Me...? Well, I like photography and taking photos of planes, so a job such as Jamie Hunter's taking photos of plane's in action, while in the back of another plane would be high on my list!! Guess my health would prevent that, but one can dream....!! Maybe travelling the world to take photos of planes from the ground would be more
  5. So...if you are on your favorite flight sim, how long do you generally fly for on individual flights? I must admit that I tend to fly short ones, like 20 - 30 mins. I did manage an hour once but last night was a biggie!! I flew from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles in my Just Flight DC-10 (1.6 hrs). I must admit that I enjoyed it, so may do some more longer ones in the near future. My wife finds it amusing that I did some reading while the autopilot was on. I still can't get her to dress in an air stewardess uniform and bring me coffee during the flight though!! Martin
  6. I have made a posting about what aircraft people would like for their flight sim. I am not the only one hoping for a VC-10, hopefully by someone like Just Flight as they seem to be doing good stuff at the moment. So, who is prepared to add their name to the list? What I want is a responses by people who would DEFINATELY buy a VC-10 if a good one was produced. If I can get a good amount of responses, I will contact Just Flight and point them to this site and the need for a VC-10. Maybe we can nudge them.... TIA Martin
  7. How many aircraft do you have in your virtual hanger? Also, I am curious as to if you have 'too many', does this generally affect the performance of FSX or cause crashes...? For me, I seem to have issues if I have 'too many' and tend to rotate the aircraft, but then I am no computer expert and maybe it's just me!! My current favorite is the Just Flight Panavia Tornado. Martin
  8. Ok...I remember the Spice Girls, and I bet that all who live in the UK do.... But, the question for the weekend is what do YOU want if you could choose some aircraft to be done for flight sim.? The limit is five military subjects, and five civilian. Here is my 'want list'. Military: Blackburn Buccaneer S2B. I mean a good one by someone like JF or MilViz. Sepecat Jaguar (RAF version). (Hint to JF) Avro Vulcan to replace the current one. Maybe a Blue Steel version powered by TacPack so that we can sort out the bad guys in the Middle east!! X-32 (because it's so ugly!) Follan
  9. Nemeth Design would like to know which helicopter model to develop next. Here's a list of options: 1. Bell 429 2. Eurocopter BK117 3. Agusta Westland AW-139 4. Sikorski S76C++ 5. Sikorski 92 Interested in helping them choose? Then, pop along here: http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/19360-participate-in-our-poll-to-decide-the-next-aircraft-in-development/ Cheers - Dai.
  10. Hi all! We are currently looking for some enthusiastic Flight Simulator X players to put our brand new dedicated FSX PC keyboard to the test! The keyboard is still in very preliminary stages of development so we would love your help, input and feedback into its creation. You will be rewarded for your time by receiving the final product free of charge for you to use and enjoy many more successful flights of the future. If you use FSX and would like to be involved in this exciting project - please either contact me by email (giles@editorskeys.com) or follow this link to BETA Group - http://w
  11. Hi All, hope this is in the right place - apologies if not. Many months back i read Joe's review on FS ADDONS Lysander special ops, and decided that as WW2 planes are my interest (as you can see by the Mossie), i would purchase this for me to fly on FSX and my Dad to peruse as this brings back many memories for him as a child, flying over his home. A recent visit to Old Warden ( via Tempsford) to see MA-B flying has only got me more interested (Fantastic day out - highly recommended) , so i now have the need for Gibraltar Barn at N52 degs 9.51 mins lat & 0 degs 15.50 mins long.
  12. When I'm not flying, working, eating or sleeping I like to read. Mostly aviation or 20th century history. Not sure if this topic has been covered before but I thought you good, intellectual forum folk could list your favourite NON fiction books here. So to kick off, here's a couple of mine. A Book of Air Journeys; Pub. Fontana/Collins. An anthology of air journeys compiled by Ludovic Kennedy. Lindbergh, Ernest K. Gann, (anything by him), Alan Cobham, Winston Churchill and many more are included. Wild Blue; Pub. adrenaline/ Mainstream Publishing. Another anthology with Michael Col
  13. I don't know if any of these registrations exist but here's some that might bring a smile. Join in and add your own. G-SPOT G-SUSS G-PERS G-ONAD G-OLLY G-ANDT G-RIMY G-OONY I could go on
  14. Hi all, Does anyone want to go for a Team Mutley this year for the MEBAR? We are currently at the top of the team tables - so, if you want to join in, have fun and improve your flying, please post! Aircraft to be decided later, but we have used DC-3's, DeHaviland Dove's and Dragon Rapide's, Avia 57's, amongst others! Kieran
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