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  1. One of our dedicated member, of another club I belong to, has put together a 20 page document of Aviation terms. Many of us may be aware of most of the terms but I think some will see a term or two that they may not be familiar with. Here is the URL: http://redhmt.110mb.com/Files/Aviation%20Terms.pdf Enjoy and many thanks to Jim Kenny (Vorona Aviation). Wayne
  2. Two great stories... Enjoyed them both. Thanks guys, Nice to see you on line Jack.
  3. Just wanted to pass on that I located an AFCAD file for Ocala International/Taylor Airport. If you want to spruce up the scenery for the airport then go to: http://www.avsim.com and search for KOCF in FSX section. Talked with the author and he says it will not work in FS9 and he doesn't have any way to test if on his system. :sadblinky: It is still worth while having if you like buildings at airports. :roll: Wayne
  4. Nice find John, I have been listening to ATC since I logged in. I also like the KOCF information scrolling across the top of the banner. Thanks for the notice, Wayne
  5. Just to let all the locals know... :yes: I sent in an announcement to WRZN radio, 720 AM dial. They announce upcoming events at about 1030 AM and 430 PM daily. Tune in and let me know if and when you hear it. Thanks, Wayne :mrhappy:
  6. gunker


    Hi Jim, Nice to have you with us. You don't have to shut up, we like you input. Wayne
  7. gunker


    Dave, Nice to see you made it here. What did you want me to send you? We were talking about night flying and other things so I am confused. Wayne
  8. Nice touch...Everyone seem to have something to say and I think all got insight to the others flying activities. Discussions on XP vs Vista and FS9 vs FSX were some key topics. Those doing night flying and use of audio operations had some questions and some GOOD advice came out.Since I arrived on time (0900 + 2 min), I am not aware of what transpired prior to my being seated. Maybe someone can add to the post with their recollections.To get the most out of the get-together I had to do some chair-hopping to meet with everyone. Not a problem though and well worth the effort.For those who didn't,
  9. It looks like I will be attending. Hope to see more pilots at the breakfast.... Wayne
  10. This is let everyone know that the June meeting was quite busy... First of all Dave Clark came with a box which contained name tags for everyone, a list of current and pass members, and some printed copies of Gosport the Initial Ocala Flight Sim Club newsletter. This was only Dave's second meeting and his desire to jump right in and be a significant part of the organization is extremely commendable. Thanks Dave for all your work. Even though someone (me) didn't get the meeting notice to the newspaper early enough to be included in the "Happening in and around Ocala" section we still had t
  11. Is Jack aware of the OSFC on Mutley's Hanger? Glad to hear that he is getting better. Wayne :clap:
  12. For all you young pilots out there here is the Gosport Tube As you can see the Instructor in the back seat does all the talking and the student does all the listening... Wayne :clap:
  13. gunker


    Welcome to the Ocala Flight Sim Club web pages, courtesy of Mutleyshanger. This should and could be a great way to spread information about the club, members, and activities. Please check in often and jot a few lines to show our appreciation for this site. I will be posting as often as possible and welcome your comments. Happy (SIM) flying, Gunker (Wayne)
  14. Contragulations John, Simming with you the last few months leads me to believe that you are the right man for the job. I feel confident that you will do a GOOD job. :-) If I can be of help just let me know (and I will see if I can find someone who might be available). Wayne :mrhappy:
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