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Found 11 results

  1. Well now, I was left with some things to work out. In preparation for my leg I had booked a rental plane using the Hangar Credit card, but as John had managed to get his wallet, with the card in it, stolen during the last leg I had to re-arrange my plans. The rental company was very clear that I had to present the physical card before I could check my plane out, so new plans had to be drawn. Even though Putinfeld appeared to be out of the story for the moment I still was a bit apprehensive about spending additional time in Crotone considering John's entanglement with the Cosa Nostra. I
  2. Hello every one. The exact timing for the online flight is still undecided, but the preliminary date at this time is on March 13th. More details on the exact time will be published in this topic when decided. But in the mean time I thought I'd publish the flight plan and some further details so you all know what we will be doing once we are in the air. The attached zip-file contains the flight plan in both Plan-G and FSX formats. En route from Calais to Southampton we will pass by, and preform a Touch & Go at 12 other airports (EGMH, EGKE, EGMD, EGKH, EGTO, EGKB, EGKL, EGKR
  3. Hi gang, After just over 13 months on the fly transporting our baton around the world we are now entering the final section taking us full circle around the globe back to EGHI. But before we get there we have another 10 legs to fly! These legs will take us up north through Libya, and jump across the water to Italy. After a few flights over the land of Pasta and Pizza with a slight detour to Croatia we do a quick stop in Switzerland before we head on through France and back to the UK. As evident by the list above all legs with the exception of leg 70 are open to bidding in
  4. Ever wondered who's been flying in the challenge, and how many flights each pilot have flown. Here's the stats for the whole of ATWC SiX, assuming flights will be flown by the assigned pilots in section 7 and not counting participation in on-line events. 11 Flights - Kieran Marshall 10 Flights - John Guest 7 Flights - Mikael Stockfors 7 Flights - Matt Gardner 5 Flights - Brian Cowell 5 Flights - Jessica Bannister-Pearce 5 Flights - Joe Lawford 5 Flights - Pete White 4 Flights - Brian Buckley 3 Flights - Steph Sawyer 2 Flights - David 'Dai' Williams 2 Fligh
  5. It was time to close up Section 5, and with Brian and Joe waiting for me in Obando I made my way there with Haste.. can't keep those two waiting, the have even less patience than my 5 year old son With the Baton in hand we downed a few drinks (Brian left before it was time to settle the bill) and had a great evening. The next morning I headed back to the airport (my two elders still in bed recovering for the night before) and started to prepare for my flight. I had managed to pick up some passengers to raise some funds for our continued adventures. They were heading to Tapuruquara so
  6. Time to get the Baton moving again! Apologies for the delay, real world issues took priority last week and over the weekend, but now it's time to start hauling the blue stuff around the world again. The legs in this section is as follows All legs but leg 42 is open for bidding. I've taken the liberty to assign leg 42 to a newcomer to the ATWC to provide an easy start for a slightly nervous lass. (Make sure she feels welcome once we get there lads!!) We will start accepting bids for the section at 06:00 UTC on October 13th. So ponder on, and set your e-mail accounts on send
  7. What had I gotten myself into?? A 2000 nm flight over the Pacific, and no clue on how to fly it! My preference of low and slow GA would surely not be an option, it'd take me weeks to get to my destination, if the fuel load would even get me far enough... To make it worse I got a call from J G as I was waiting for Kieran to arrive at the Marchall Islands. His contacts had kept an eye on our progress, and there were reports of Putinfeld activity at Pohnpei just after Kieran took off, so I was in a hurry to get out of Bucholz once the Baton got here. And something fast for the flight was esse
  8. Greetings adventurers. Vacation, House guests and travelling have kept me offline, or at least computer challenged for a couple of weeks now, thus I've lacked the technological equipment needed to update you all on the next section of our little trip. Although my travels for the summer is far from done I'm now at home, with access to my computer, so I figured I'd let you all know what's in store for you before I head of for a four day conference trip to Mallorca bright and early tomorrow morning. The schedule for section 4 can be found below. As you can see we've got another 10 fli
  9. I arrived at Kalay late.. way to late for my liking, but that was just the start of my troubles. News of unidentified aircraft flying low over both Burma and neighburing countries had reached the Burmese military leaders. The airforce were up flying, looking for suspect air traffic, and they were cleared to engage without warning. So my flight would have to be very much by the books. That unfortunatly meant dealing with alot of red tape and unwilling official officers. A week later I had all the permits I needed for the flight, but sadly that meant that I had had to spend all the
  10. Greetings all Hangarians interested in ATWX SiX. (If you are reading this as a guest at these forums you are more than welcome too, but in order to take part you will need to sign up for a free membership on the forum). It's now the time to start your preparations for this relay adventure around the world. The departure board has been updated, and the basic information on the first ten legs can be found there, but for further information regarding distances and any restrictions in place here's a more full blown list. As you can see by the list only nine of the ten legs are op
  11. Welcome to the 6th edition of Mutley's Hangar Around The World Challenge, or ATWC SiX. Do you love flying your Flight sim, but are stuck flying to the same destinations time and time again? Want to join in a group activity for your favourite Flight Sim, but feel that other rallies are too strict and/or time consuming for your taste? Do you enjoy telling a story of your flight, and publishing screenshots to enhance the story? If the answer is yes to at least one of the above questions then the ATWC SiX is the challenge you've been waiting for! Bid, Fly and Post, it's as simple as that. Th
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