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Found 6 results

  1. I wasn't sure if it was a case of John knowing where to find me, or whether I just knew the first place he would head for on landing... it was a toss-up. John strolled into the bar just as I was ordering my 3rd Diet Coke... We sat reminiscing about the last 2 years, and our flights for the Hangar... I would be flying the baton on the last two official legs from Bad Ragaz to Luxembourg, and then into Leylestad. The sense of finality was really setting in for both of us. John and his side-kick Jasmine would continue to steer clear of Temperence, and I would go back to being at Philippe's
  2. Why is it that you always get a phone call just when you are right in the middle of an important negotiation? The mechanic from ACME Air Maintenance, or whatever it was called, was giving me the run-around, and I wasn't even wearing a skirt! What is it with mechanics and women? There was no way he was going to charge me 30% more for the privilege of changing a landing light! I was determined to ignore the buzzing of my mobile until this guy had lowered his extortionate price. Even though I wasn't paying for it, I’d be damned if I was going to be fleeced, even
  3. There was three options for getting off the island: Low and slow Low and fast High and fast Low and slow (a) was out of the question. With around 2,000nm to travel, there was no way I was hiring a little aircraft to spend my day looking at water. Plus considering recent events, when attempts were made to go low and slow (see Leg 20 Part 2) it didn't work out too well for the pilot or the challenge. Option 2 was considered. Low and fast. Sounds interesting. But high speed flight at low altitude uses vast amounts of fuel, and keeping that range was
  4. While I’ve been recovering from my first flight, it seems the world hasn’t been kind to my fellow pilots. Russian spies, giant octopuses and a host of other issues remind me that the ATWC isn’t for the faint of heart, or indeed the sober. It’s a fact that was brought home to me late last year when I found the police raiding my home in Austria, certain I had in some why aided the boss with his “accounting practises” following on from the Paradise Papers release. To my good fortune, many of the Austrian police were woman, and an Austrian police woman can brighten any holding cell. That was month
  5. The sound of my alarm clock in the early hours was most unwelcome, but necessary, as I would need to get moving before it got too hot. At 1am the temperature was in the high 20s but usually dipped by a few degrees between 2 and 4am, so that would be the best time to depart. Dale drove me to the Airfield and helped me check over the Ag Waggon by parking in front of the aircraft so I could do my walkaround in the headlights. The fuel had been loaded as I had requested. I would be within weight limits but I was grateful for over 5200 feet of runway, as I would probably need most of it.
  6. No one would have believed since the last around the world challenge that the 2017 challenge preparations were being watched keenly and closely by intelligences far dumber than ours and yet as mortal; that as Mutley’s members busied themselves about their various concerns they were being scrutinized and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinize the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. Slowly and surely Putinfeld drew his plans against us. With the baton safely in its top secret UK hiding place, the forces of evil were
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