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  1. 'Tis the season for James Bond films here in the UK, so it got me thinking that for January, we would like to see any spy aircraft, can be WWII, Cold War, or present day. Usual rules apply, competition closes on 31st Jan. 2019 Good luck
  2. It's time to post your seasons greetings, editing obviously allowed. There's no winners for this one as everyone who posts this month is a winner! All the best and may I be the first to wish you merrrrry Christmas, ho ho ho!
  3. So for November we would like to see aircraft big or small on a missed approach, just after passing the DH. This can be on land or sea. Usual rules, contest ends 20th November. Good luck!
  4. There's nothing better than waking up at the crack of dawn and admiring those rays of light welcoming a new day. For October then, early morning shots, any aircraft any location. Usual rules apply and the contest closes 31st October 2018 - Good luck!
  5. Many of us in the UK have been watching and enjoying "Flying Across Britain" with ex-Marine Arthur Williams. https://www.channel4.com/programmes/flying-across-britain-with-arthur-williams/episode-guide/ As part of a PPL we have to fly solos cross country, so inspired by the above I would like to see shots taken approx 1500 - 4000ft over Britain in a light aircraft, preferably over somewhere well known. Usual rules apply, contest closes Sept 30th 2018, good luck!
  6. So for August we would like to see pictures of your chosen aircraft taken at or over 26,400ft Civil or military. (Nothing smutty please Alan!)
  7. So we are baking in a heatwave here in the UK. To help cool us down, please post your favourite snow scenes! Competition closes on 31st July. Good luck.
  8. Summer is here at last and it's time for some open cockpit action! This month we would like to see typical shots of WW1 aircraft in a combat like situation (don't worry about trying to get in multiple aircraft in one shot) EDIT: we will allow editing this month to allow for extra effects. Contest closes June 30 and good luck to you all, here's your inspiration...
  9. This month, inspired by a recent flight John Allard and I had in a 1928 Ford Tri-Motor, I would like to see shots of aircraft which were built by motor companies, that can include motorcycle manufacturers like Kawasaki. Having just done some research there are a lot more than I thought, weather there is a model available from your favourite download library is another thing! Usual competition rules apply and the competition closes midnight BST 31st May 2018. Good luck.
  10. April 1st marked the 100th anniversary the RAF when the Royal Flying Corps was merged with the Royal Naval Air Service. This month, I would like to see your "tribute" of any aircraft that has flown in the RAF, in RAF livery. Good luck everyone, normal rules apply and the competition closes 30th April.
  11. No, not Deep Purple's classic rock song that we have all played on our air guitars! but as like the song, I would like to see shots of Lake Geneva with some low flying over the water, and if you can get some smoke on the water then extra points! Good luck, competition closes 31st January, 2018
  12. So for this month, please share with us where you have been flying recently, maybe with a little bit of commentary? (not obligatory) Good luck, usual rules apply and closes March 31st 23:59 BST
  13. For February we would like to have an antique aircraft airshow. So please show us anything pre- WWII putting on a show. Good luck, competition closes 28th February, 2018
  14. Time to start getting festive! For December we would like to see screenshots which include snow as a major factor. No points will be deducted if the odd Rreindeer, Santa or Elves make it into the shot. For this month we will lift the no major edit rule to allow for extra creativity. Good luck and get posting!
  15. No not the pastime of vaporing chemical in an E-cigarette but Vapour trails or "contrails" This month we would like to see your shot which includes vapour trails of some sort. Usual rules apply, competition closed 30th November 2017 23.59 UTC - Good luck
  16. Inspired by Rosario's post about the Star Fort at Palmanova this month we would like to see distinctive man-made structures on the ground from the air. Usual rules apply, and this competition closes at midnight UTC 31st October 2017 Good luck!
  17. "On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim I had to stop for the night..." Ok, so for this month we would like to see any screenshot taken over California, beach, desert or mountains, the choice is yours! Usual rules apply, competition closes 30th September 2017, good luck!
  18. So this month we would like pictures of striking liveries, real or made up. Contest finishes midnight BST 31st August 2017 Good luck!
  19. For July we would like to see unusual landing places, ideal subject for helis but challenging for fixed wing aircrafts! Good luck, normal rules apply and the competition ends on 31st July 2017.
  20. Welcome back! June's theme is Delta Force aka Delta Wing. So we would like to see any shot of an aircraft with delta wings, military or civilian. Contest closes midnight BST June 30th 2017. Good luck!
  21. It's Spring here in the UK and we have fields of bright yellow Rapeseed, which besides playing havoc with peoples hayfever, can look stunning against dark skies or on a cross country flight. So this month, we would like to see a shot from a cross country flight, showing of the colour of the fields. Contest finishes 31st May 2017 - Gool luck!
  22. Hi everyone, to coincide with the Mutley's Easter Bunny Air Rally, this months theme is any shot over Chile of an aircraft eligible for the Rally. Kudos if the shot is taken whilst you are actually flying one of the flight legs Good luck everyone
  23. I have been in conversation recently with an old timer who built a Lancaster cockpit and uses FSX to power it. So it got me thinking this would be a great screenshot contest theme. So what we would like to see are shots of those WWII bombers in action, it doesn't just have to be the Allied Forces it,can be German bombers too. Usual rules apply, competition finishes on the last day of March, so get snapping!
  24. It's open season at the Hangar! We would like to see you create your favourite shot. This must be a shot taken in this month and not previously posted Good luck!
  25. For our first competition of 2017 here's one to tempt the "Airhaulics" amongst us! We would like to see shots of heavy lifters military, or civilian, fixed wing or rotor craft. Usual rules apply and competition finishes 31/01/2017. ...Geeeeet posting!
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