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I am new to flight simulation and have just purchased and installed my first FSX add on aircraft, the Carenado C182 Skylane RG. When loaded in FSX the gauges are black and there is no radio stack. I have checked the Airplane folder and all the C182 folders and files seem to be present (Model, Panel, Sound and Texture plus Aircraft.cfg and pdfs etc. 


FSX is loaded on my F: drive F:\microsoft games\Microsoft flight simulator X\simobjects\airplanes\carenado C182 RG


Any ideas please

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Hi Steve and Welcome! :thum:

I guess Saturday's a busy day for the Carenado guru's at Mutley's, otherwise you'd have had an answer by now. I guess the install went without problems? Are you using W7? That can sometimes give you a headache with User Access Control issues. I usually check the FSX ...Airplanes\Simobjects\"New Model" folders to make sure that the installer has done its job - but it looks as if you've done that. Normally, missing (or black holes) gauges mean that the Panel.cfg has been corrupted in some way, but as I'm not an expert in Carenado models I'm not sure.

Anyways, hang in there - I'm sure help is on its way...

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Hi Steve, welcome to the forums and congrats on getting your first payware aircraft. :)  I do not have that particular Carenado aircraft but with my other planes, like their C337, there should have been a .CAB file along with a .dll file added to your Gauges folder. Carenado usually uses a file name like C182.CAB or something close to that. This file is needed to display the gauges and radio stack. It looks like you have placed your FSX folder in a drive other than your C: drive, this might have confused their Installer. Do a search and see if the cab file is somewhere else in your computer. Hope this helps.  

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G'day and welcome to the Hangar.


There should be 14 gauge files in total for the Carenado Cessna 182RG "Skylane", 11 .gau and 3 .cab files.  They are all named beginning with CessnaRG.


If I remember correctly, you can specify the install directory for the 182RG.  My suggestion is, leave your existing installation in place, then do another install to a temporary folder, let's say F:\Temp\, then move the files and folders from the temporary directory into FSX.  This approach will confirm the gauge files have been installed to the gauges folder correctly.  The other option is to just do a fresh re-install to FSX.


One final thing, make sure "Preview DirectX 10" is NOT checked in "Settings - Display", "Graphics" tab under "Global Options" on the right hand side.


I hope this helps resolve the issue and then you can enjoy the Carenado 182RG.  I suspect it will be the first of many Carenado purchases you make.




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