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Guys, I'm trying to solve this problem without success, to see in the figure that the top is normal Zoom in on my Eyefinity but what is below, see I can not even see the runway, already tried everything and zoom does not decrease, and 0.30 as is the default and only increases not decrease further. In normal mode on one monitor is right, but when I put in 3, is like this. If anyone can give a help to decrease as the field of view, thank you very much. Remember that in other games this does not happen then it can only be some setting in FSX



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Hi Alexandre, welcome to the forum. :welcomeani:  I do not have answer for you but just wanted to say hi. I am sure the friendly and knowledgeable folks here will be able to help you or send you in the right direction. Please be patient and someone will chime in once the clock rolls around to their morning time zones. :D   

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