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Do you use ENB? I'm pondering on whether to remove it. I find it difficult to get a realistic looking setting. I tried SweetFX but that did not go well.. broke my FSX.


Any other ENB files I could use?


I'm using the REX Natural ENB setting, found here.




- Paul

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Hi Paul,


I have ditched both! I find i am concentrating more on the flight experience than the visual one!

Both products have caused me problems in the past so I only use REX and FSWC to get the environment looking good. In my opinion the bloom these shaders produce is over the top.


Just my  :twocents: !



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I had problems with both as well, then read somwhere you can get nearly the same effect by changing the digital vibrance to between 58 and 62% and have to admit that kinda works for me with no side effects

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