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  1. Thks guys, and a Happy New Year to all ! Been quite inactive these last months due to irl events , but still around here reading... will definitely fly again soon !
  2. Boat traffic in the fjords Today short delivery to Annette Island (PANT) and back home...
  3. Images uploaded again and post edited, should be OK now...
  4. Thks for info, Joe. Will reload my screenshots tomorrow when FS Snaps is back and edit my last post.
  5. Out of holiday mode, back to flying... Before summer I had closed my two AH companies, and I am now restarting from scratch with Klawock Air Services, a one man business based in PAKW, Alaska. In the Tongass fjords I start with an all around Cessna 185 Amphib. First delivery is over in Canada at CAB6 on the Skitine River, a 1053m dirt/gravel strip. My plane is waiting on the PAKW parking, weather is so-so with a 10 miles visibility and broken clouds around 2700 - 3000 ft. Light wind from the south. Take off early afternoon, happy to fly again in
  6. Stage 4 From Khutze River Lodge to Kowesas River Lodge Part 3 Soft touchdown on the calm waters of the Chief Mathews Bay ... As I taxi to my destination, I float by a group of killer whales fishing with many sea birds above them ... Going up the river I float past the end of the small dirt strip. And here I am at the Kowesas River Lodge pontoon, with a warm welcome for the weekend ! A real picture of the place :
  7. Yes I always fly real time and real weather. If the weather is too bad for flying, I go boating... Or like in my Australia tour when I cannot fly real time, I load the historical weather at the time of the flight.
  8. Stage 4 From Khutze River Lodge to Kowesas River Lodge Part 2 From the main fjord we turn right to fly along the Gardner Canal, one of the most beautiful places around... Not always going straight... Until I find the entry to Chief Mathews Bay at the end of which hides the Kowesas River Lodge Again careful with the boats... .../...
  9. Stage 4 From Khutze River Lodge to Kowesas River Lodge Part 1 Farniente and fishing come to an end ... Clear weather with 8 nm visibility as we leave the Khutze River Flying to the exit to catch the main fjord on the right Tourists are already on their way ! In front of us lies the great fjord ... .../...
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