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more aerofly pics to enjoy

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unlike some people who think that aerofly is not sufficiently meritorious to warrant a review, I think that it has a lot going for it.

Yes some of the guages dont work yet nor do the radios, but what does that matter, when you are flying around a beautiful country in VFR and you are just drinking in the scenery? in a relaible a/c

one of the noticeable differences with fsx and xp10 is that things like mountains are not blurred if they are in the distance so it is like real life per se

see what you think



another thing is that the a/c seem to have more 3d depth to them ie not so flat



and you can set the level of haze down to very thick fog







and all this plus 120FPS !! its interesting


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I'm also impressed, not sure if you are taking the mick & using real-world photos.




wood eye ?

all joking aside I am really enjoying this, and I normally get quite bored flying vfr especially in fsx, because all the planes fly the same . if only P3d could use this flight engine it would revolutionise our simming.


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Hi Nigel,


I agree with you the scenery is stunning but as I said in my email, and you have confirmed above, gauges not working, no radios?


It is great as a wind down but then one could say that of MS Flight, I like as much realism as possible and what you have shown above is the highlight of the sim, it's pretty much downhill from there.


... Just saying  :)



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