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Coffee/Breakfast - Monday, June 16, 2008

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For a first effort, I'd have to declare this a success.

Seven members attended, along with two spouses. It was a great opportunity for talk, getting to know one another a little better and a little hangar flying. Unlike the meetings where the format necessarily precludes much social interaction, this seemed to be a pleasant, relaxed gathering and conversation never lagged.

If you are one of those who came, thanks for helping make it a success. If you missed it, consider joining in at the next one - time and place to be announced both here in the forum and via e-mail


Wayne Knowles and wife Lea

Jack Neal (looking good after a recent illness) and wife Joan

Chan Gerber

George Million

Charles Caravetta

Dave Jones

John Allard

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Nice touch...Everyone seem to have something to say and I think all got insight to the others flying activities. Discussions on XP vs Vista and FS9 vs FSX were some key topics. Those doing night flying and use of audio operations had some questions and some GOOD advice came out.Since I arrived on time (0900 + 2 min), I am not aware of what transpired prior to my being seated. Maybe someone can add to the post with their recollections.To get the most out of the get-together I had to do some chair-hopping to meet with everyone. Not a problem though and well worth the effort.For those who didn't, or where unable to, attend I recommend you put this activity on your calendar for next month.Wayne

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