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Control Tower for Ocala

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I cross-linked this from another post I made in the Real World Aviation section of Mutley's Hangar some time ago. You may already be aware of this, but it appears Ocala will be getting a control tower one of these days.

I also see several construction projects going on around the airport. Lots is happening there, but I'm not sure what most of it is all about. It appears the area west of the T-Hangars may be in the process of being paved. There's also a big new hangar nearing completion just west of East Coast Aviation's digs.

Does anyone know what the story is on the newly cleared area east of the Rwy 36 threshold?


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I'm noticing some new yellow taxiway signs visible here and there. It appears the 18/36 parallel taxiway is "E". That probably makes the turnoffs "A", "B", "C" and "D" but can't confirm that yet. I suspect this is all preparation for becoming a controlled airport, which requires taxiway designators.

I've e-mailed the Airport Director's office asking for an interview for a newsletter article about the airport in general, the new tower and all the construction. I haven't heard anything back and it's been over a week, so it's probably not going to happen.

There's another big project going on between the Sherrif's office and East Coast but can't tell what it is. There's big work still going on west of the T-Hangars (paving, I think) and I saw some buried piping going in at the end of the taxiway stub south of East Coast's hangar. It looked like a big buried cistern or valve pit, with a lot of plumbing above ground level. It has the appearance of an upgrade of the city water service to the airport, but couldn't tell for sure.

I'm still intrigued by that newly cleared area and taxiway stub between the fence and the 36 threshold. They made a lot of open ground there and paved a taxiway into it, but then just spray-seeded the area and walked away from it.


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