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Okiweno Lake Tour - Part 1

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The Okiweno Lake is in British Columbia, a few miles south of Bella Bella.


The trip starts at the dock of River Inlet CAU8




You need to first enter and go through the waterway leading to the lake.




As you enter the lake near the western fishing village, you have on your left the western ferry terminal.




A little further is a Brad's Bait and BBQ, and in the far you can see the Casino and resort on the northern shore.




As I start to pick up speed, I come across the ferry closing on the western terminal.




Following the south shore, I stop at Doos Creek cabin for a ten o'clock coffee..




Then i cross full speed to the north shore, watching out for the boat traffic.




A little ride up and down the Ashlulm Creek where you can navigate 4 nms




And then a stop for lunch at Ashlulm Creek Brad's B and B ...




( FTX Pacific Fjords - RTMM Okiweno Lake - Deltasim Malibu 32' )







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