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Is there a way to add an airfield into FSX?


There is a very small airfield called Fishburn in Durham near where I live http://www.fishburnaeroclub.btik.com/FISHBURNAIRFIELD which is modelled in ORBX England scenery. However it doesn't appear that it can be selected as a start point in FSX. I've landed there but I would like to use it as a start point, is there a way of doing this?

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Your correct it isn't in the default FSX airfields I have just checked it out. .


However UK 2000 Vol 3 VFR Airfields has Fishburn.


Or as John has pointed out make the airfield yourself using the FREE software Airport Design Editor ADE 165



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If it's really an airfield to FSX it probably only needs a "start position" or two (they are typically near the runway thresholds), or even some parking spaces. All that's pretty easy in ADE. However, some Orbx fields are "painted on" the scenery and don't have many of the elements of a true FSX airport. It's how Orbx manages to have non-flat airports. To accomplish this, I believe they will sometimes place a zero-width runway which is not really rendered by FSX nor seen by the user. What you see is a piece of custom ground texture that's been created to look like the airport, i.e. painted on the scenery. If it's one of those they're difficult to do much with.


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