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WIP - A2A Cub - G-ZACH Transfer

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So I have decided to have the same paint on my cub than on my Comanche, so here is the start - I am planning on having a blue front and the reg on the wings. Not sure if I plan on having this a bit dirty as it's the tundra version. Not much spare time these days so not sure how long this will take but we shall see...





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Further updates here - I am thinking bigger reg text and bigger Union Flag slightly too. Needs the other wing painting too. After this 'clean' version is done as the base, I will add some slight dirt marks but I don't think it will be too much (have to see how carried away I get)...







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I don;t think I like the front - so I think I may replace that with another colour - not sure yet though. With a little dirt is should look better as it looks a bit clean at the moment for a tundra. I am going to do some paint chips around the 'movable' parts like the door and engine cowling with a grey base coat appearing from underneath.


All these ideas and not enough time to implement them :(


Thanks for your comments guys 

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