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Subscription Maps

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I am looking into using subscription maps with Plan-G


I understand from the manual that I should be able to use Mapbox to do this, but I don't understand how to make this work.


It seems like Mapbox allows you to have 3000 tiles free and so it would seem to be a good idea to set up Plan-G with Mapbox so that:

  1. I know how to do it with other subscription services
  2. I know what to look for with a service before I subscribe - So I don't waste money on a subscription that wont work with Plan-G   


I have tried to set up Mapbox but with no luck. However I am looking at the various things Mapbox offers and just trying pot luck as to what I must enter in the subscription maps box.  I would be good to have a tutorial as to how to link in to a subscription service and what to look for with a service to insure that it can be tied into Plan-G.


For example, can a subscription to Ordinance Survey allow their maps to be used in Plan-G?


Any help would be great!





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