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Mostly the same as 2004 Luke.

There's plenty of freeware aircraft will all the old favourites like Posky work fine.



Flight1 Mustang

Aerosoft Twin Otter

Just Flight's Flying Club X

Just Flight Connie will be out soon


Air Hauler

Traffic X

Flight Sim Flight Keeper

Environment stuff

Real Environment Xtreme

Active Sky Advanced


If you are a GA fan then you have to get JF Real Scenery or Horizon Gen X

If you fly from a particular airfield the JF Real Scenery title are very detailed or Gary Summons' UK Airfields is good.

You should be able to get something within your line of interest.


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If you are using FSX in DirectX 10 preview mode and want your freeware addons to display properly, use a site such as FlightSim.com to obtain your addons. There are many addons available that have been converted from FS9 to FSX but have not been fully converted. Although such addons will run in FSX, you will have to run them with DirectX 10 preview mode disabled. Once you have experienced the superior display quality of DirectX 10 preview mode, it's difficult to go back. Fortunately, FlightSim.com has many freeware files available that take advantage of DirectX 10 (including some addons that have been fully and properly converted from FS9 to FSX). Here's an example of what to do to obtain true FSX aircraft addons:

Go to FlightSim.com. You will find hundreds of addon aircraft. You will find many that will run in FSX. However, you will find far fewer that will display properly with DirectX 10 preview mode enabled. To determine if the addon is likely to display correctly in FSX DirectX 10 preview mode, first find an FSX addon that interests you. Above the description of the addon, there is an option to "View." The "View" option shows a list of the files contained in the addon. Click on "View," and see if there are any .dds files in the addon. If all you see are .bmp files without any .dds files, the addon has not been fully converted to use FSX in DirectX 10 preview mode. It's okay if there are .bmp files present in the list of the addon's files as long as there are .dds files present as well. Although this doesn't necessarily assure the addon will work properly, it makes it very likely the addon will be fine with Direct X 10 mode enabled. Those are the files to download and try if you are using DirectX 10 preview mode in FSX. (This paragraph describes what to do when searching for aircraft addons only.)

Former ACES Studio FSX developer Phil Taylor has a great list of true FSX freeware aircraft addons (and links to where to obtain the addons) at this link:

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