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Rome - Naples Mission

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I work through 90% of this Mission without any problem until I come onto the final heading for Naples airport. 
Suddenly I lose all control over the engines that steadily increase in speed until I find myself struggling to descend whilst the 'overspeed' alarm sound off. I've tried overflying and lading from the reverse approach but a mere sniff of the airport and the same outcome occurs.

What's amiss, helpful souls?


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That FSX mission was always a problem, in the text and not spoken is the command, 'Throttles to 2/3rds' so look for that.

I also gleamed this from another site from a fellow named Frag which might help, "The A321 is designed so that when you are about to enter a stall, it applies full throttle. The only way to get the throttles back into your control is to apply forward pressure on the stick to lower to nose, then it will give control back to you."

Hope this helps James and I am not totally of the mark like last time.:th_blush:

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