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I like P3Dv4.5, but there are a few odd things going on.

1.  When using ATC, the aircraft sounds, such as engines, fade.  They revert back to normal levels after I have stopped using ATC for about for about 15 seconds.  It was not like this initially, so wonder if anyone has any ideas?

2.  I get trees/bushes in the middle of a runway/taxiway from time to time!  Also the control tower will appear in odd places from time to time.

3. For some reason, at RAF Leuchers , when I land, the green grass forms into fall/autumn color rectangular patches/blocks as I taxi along!

4. I am wondering there are any add-ons to improve the general scenery, not for a particular region, but just to spice things up a bit like more realistic grass and buildings....

Thanks in advance


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Hi Martin,

I am not an active user of P3D anymore but I remember those misplaced trees and bushes. The ATC thing seems more like the real world, the background sound muting when the ATC is talking.

As for improvements for the general scenery, look at REX or Orbx scenery improvements.



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