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Here's a topical one for you all:

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Here's a topical one for you all:

A man with suspected Corona virus is lying in a hospital bed with a face mask on waiting to be seen.

A trainee nurse comes to give the man a bed bath.

The man asks “Are my testicles black?"

The nurse replies “I'm here to give you a bed bath"

The man asks again slightly more agitated this time “Ok, but can you look to see if my testicles are black?”

The nurse replies “Sir I'm only supposed to give you a bed bath upper body and feet"

The man rather breathless this time manages to ask one more time, “Please, are my testicles black?”

The nurse looks at the man in sympathy and not wanting the man’s heart rate to increase or cause any more undue stress lifts up the man's gown, takes the mans member in one hand and his testicles in the other, leans in to inspect and says, “No your testicles are not black”

The man sits up in his bed removes his face mask and says to the nurse

“Listen to me carefully, ARE MY TEST RESULTS BACK?”

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