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Alphasim where are you?

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Alphasim has ceased trading - see below :

Aug 18th

ANNOUNCEMENT : AlphaSim Ltd has ceased trading. Due to circumstances beyond our control this site will no longer be selling FS addons. However the majority of those products previously sold here with the AlphaSim brand name will still be available under the 'Virtavia' brand at all leading flightsim addon sites, for example 'The FlightSim Store'. Just go to your favourite store and search using 'Virtavia'. The products will eventually also be listed on the Virtavia site, although sales will take place at a 3rd party site.

It will be a few weeks before all the full stock will be available as new Virtavia self-installers, so please be patient if you require a particular model. The pricing of the Virtavia addons will match last AlphaSim prices, in many cases models with 'Expansion Packs' such as the A-6E and Yak-52 have been amalgamated into a single package. The C-17 VC work is continuing and arrangements for the free download of this by existing owners will be made at the Virtavia site when the work is finished. An announcement about the C-17 VC and a series of screenshots will be made there in several days, although release will not be for some time yet. The AlphaSim database and store login will be maintained indefinitely and anyone wanting tech support or a download counter reset needs only to e-mail the usual address or use the Virtavia.com support ticket system. The AlphaSim Freeware pages will be maintained and linked to at the Virtavia site.

Many thanks to all those who have supported both 'Alpha Simulations' and 'AlphaSim' over the last 10 years. The same team is looking forward to providing exciting new products for you for years to come over at Virtavia !

Most of their products will appear here : http://www.virtavia.com/ or on the http://www.flightsimstore.com/ (or you're favorite FS shop)

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