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Jailhouse Davis reporting for band practice...

@Dai: That must be a very early Aerosmith track, right?

Never been a big fan of them, but their "Get a grip" album is present in my record collection.. and I really loved their MTV Unplugged session. I think I have that recorded on VHS somewhere in the attic. The unplugged version of Dream On is really good.

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@ Micke - Yep, "One Way Street" from their first album "Aerosmith" - 1973, I think. Tyler's a good front man and the rest of the band are above average - what am I saying - they're bl**dy brilliant IMHO! :clapping:

Their 'comeback' with Run DMC doesn't really reflect their talent, but it's accepted as a standard, I guess. All I can say is they're an acquired taste, so "Enjoy"...

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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