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  1. Nice one Alan and Congrats on your winning shot.
  2. Looking great ,nice one UK
  3. Great winning shot , nice one Jan
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen there will be a slight delay as our pilots refuse to eat the airline food. This is due to a No Curry allowed onboard rule.
  5. Well done Brett in the lines I was thinking of. So it's over to you.
  6. Hi Guys and girls I would like to pick a winner, Matt is the only person who has posted a caption so far. I need to pick the winner by this sunday as I am off on my hol's on Monday.
  7. Thanks guys for your comments
  8. Thanks Rosario she was one of my Fav. a/c to fly in back then. ps. the airport in the back ground is Duxford uk
  9. Thanks alot it's a great a/c to fly and I always turn up the sound, just love the sound of that engine.
  10. Joe I remember that emergency, I think it had something to do with the wrong size screws being fitted. Thank god for his crew mate who hung on to him, one very lucky man. Back in those early jet days they were all very noisy with lots of Black smoke coming out the back. They were the good old days I spent at Heathrow plane spotting.
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