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I have FSX Deluxe installed along with all my add-on scenery and payware planes. I was wondering if I purchased the Acceleration expansion pack do I need to reinstall everything from scratch or can I just load this Acceleration on top of what I already have?

In the end it wouldn't be more than my time to re-install everything, but I'd like to keep from doing this if at all possible. I've done it in the past and it's a FULL DAY'S work.

The other question I have is when I search on Amazon for example and locate the Acceleration expansion pack it says others who purchased this also purchased FSX GOLD. If FSX GOLD already has the Acceleration pack, why would you buy both? I have the Deluxe version so I assume adding the Acceleration pack would make it equal to the Gold edition, no?

Thank you.

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Well Deluxe+Acceleration=Gold, from my thinking. Just, if you purchase Acceleration, be sure to uninstall SP1 and SP2 before installing Acceleration. Acceleration already includes these two service packs, and if this step is not followed, faults will occur.

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