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  1. Cheers gents! Joe, the Cub is a must. Love it from the day I bought it!
  2. Wow thanks the HU. I always put my computer on update manually. Thanks for posting this topic for others!
  3. Flew from Juneau to Taku Lodge, which was awesome even though it was a LOOONG flight in the Cub. Enjoy! Thanks for viewing Taku Lodge by RTMM.
  4. Thanks gents! Really nice to have a change of 'flying'. You're in luck mate! I found this boat at Return to Misty Moorings, and if you scroll to the bottom of the Boating page (http://return.mistymoorings.com/moorings/), you'll find it available for download! Direct link - http://return.mistymoorings.com/moorings/zip/FSX_Air_Boat.zip Thanks for those links! Enjoyed watching them very much. Too bad they closed down from service. I could add a spray effect into the aircraft.cfg
  5. Because the main purpose of flight simulation is to pilot hovercrafts and captain boats! Enjoy this set! A break from my usual sets of 'aviation' shots. Using CIRP and RTMM scenery for PFJ from Return to Misty Moorings. Ready for departure! Turnin' round. Finally on our way. These two don't seem to interested in me! At our destination! Woo! Along the wharf. Powering on our 'fan' (With Accu-Feel 2.0 ALS, this was one heck of an immersive experience - bouncing along the waves, water sounds etc.) Awesome boat! Lovely resort house! DOLPHINS! TURN! That's
  6. It's working magic! Give it time
  7. Clem Wu

    Live Bait

    Love that second one mate!
  8. Brett, Don't tell the feds about these strips! They're PRIVATE! Cheers mate ------- Here's a set of the last airport, just so you get to know what each one looks like! As of yesterday and this post, MCA Design's North America Airstrips Vol. 1 has officially entered beta testing. Enjoy!
  9. Cheers guys, you won't be disappointed with this scenery.
  10. Clem Wu


    Lovely! That's some amazing clouds as well you got in that shot!
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