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I've done a search on Mutley's FSX topics for "Default Scenery Order", "Scenery Order", etc. and haven't gotten lucky.

Has anyone got a listing of the default order (for a clean original install) for the Scenery Files in FSX (Gold - Accelerator, if this is different)?

I fooled around with the order at one time, doing a custom scenery load, and I'm not sure I've got things back to their original order. I'm trying to avoid a complete uninstall and re-install, if possible.



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Hi March

I have attached a text file which is a clean install from FSX Acceleration. I think the only difference is a few extra scenery layers added that you get with Acceleration over and above regular FSX.

I had to rename the file in order to attach it here, just rename it to scenery.cfg if you want to use it.

Hope this helps...



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Many thanks, Joe,

You just saved me a bunch of time. I've been suspicious that scenery has not been optimised for quite some time. I edited the file back when I first loaded FSX and did not realize how important the order was, so no back-up.

Passages (the boat) and Quickmarch will be going dark around about Monday morning (Sunday for you). We're about to hit the high seas, heading, initially for Bundaberg, then on down south to Brisbane. Look out Oz!

Here's a screen capture from a previous simulated trip up the Queensland coast in my favorite aircraft.


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Hi Joe and fellow simmers,

I've re-visited this topic because I've finally had time to sit down and try to correct the scenery issues that (I think) I have. The file that you posted for me is a copy of the fsx scenery .cfg file. It is pretty much identical to the one I'm using. I guess mine is a slightly newer version as it has a few additional scenery references at the end of the file, such as: Reno (Reno Air Races?). The order is, however, identical.

This is not really my problem. I guess I wasn't very clear in the first post where the issue lies. When you start up FSX and choose "Settings", there is a choice for "Scenery Library". In this panel you have the option to move UP or DOWN, EDIT, ADD, or DELETE areas. This is where I made the changes that I'm trying to repair.

Screen shot:


I am concerned that I may have made modifications that need to be corrected. How does the order look to you?

If this is affected by the dot cfg file, then all is well as the dot cfg file is identical to the one you sent me less the addon stuff for the Catalina and the Beaver.

Hope you can help.



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Hi March,

Reno is in my file at the end! When you look at the config file the scenery at the bottom of the file appear at the top of the Scenery Library window you show above. Sounds crazy I know but that's FSX for you.

The only scenery I can see out of place is the Addon Scenery at the top of your list. Usually it would be one above Edwards_AFB otherwise Ok.


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Thanks Joe,

Your answer to the question seems to have made quite an improvement in the scenery (initial) load time. Moving the addon scenery file DOWN in the "Settings\Scenery Library" has an effect.

On looking over the scenery.txt file that you attached (your first post), I see that addon scenery is at the very bottom of that listing (more about this near the end of this missive). I'm confused - as it would appear from your explanation, above, that the file at the bottom of the .cfg would appear at the top of the "Settings\Scenery Library" listing.

NOTE: for those with no interest in the nuts and bolts of this experiment - skip down to the end where my "confusion" disappears.

In fact, the change I made to the "Settings\Scenery Library" is not reflected in my .cfg file. My .cfg file appears unchanged (addon scenery is still at the bottom of the list).

Interestingly, the added files that are specific to aircraft packages, such as the Beaver and the Catalina (great airplane) do not show up in the .cfg but are present in the list that is accessed through "Settings\Scenery Library" (screen shot).

I've got several files on the hard drive with the same name:

1. C:\FSX\scenery.cfg (My root directory for FSX files)

2. C:\Users\Passages\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\scenery.cfg (same directory as FSX.CFG)

3. scenery.txt (your file)

4. C:\FSX\Setup\XPackCache\FSX_scenery.cfg (This is contained in the FSX root directory)

All are identical down to [Area.114] Title=Propeller Objects - this is the last entry for #4. #4 does not contain any of the other [Area.NNN] Reno, istanbul, Longleat.....etc.

Files 1 through 3 =

[Area.115] Title=Reno

[Area.116] Title=Istanbul Local=Scenery\Cities\Istanbul

[Area.117] Title=Longleat

[Area.118] Title=Berlin

[Area.119] Title=Edwards_AFB

[Area.120] Title=Addon Scenery

Out of curiosity, I went into "Settings\Scenery Library" and moved "Reno" to the very top of the list. I let FSX save the file, ie: update the scenery library expecting to find Reno at the bottom of the .cfg file (at least one of them). I then went in and checked the various .cfg files listed above:

#1 - no change - Reno is still at [Area.115]

#2 - no change - Reno is still at [Area.115]

#3 - wouldn't be affected as it is your copy and a text file

#4 - no change - Reno has not been added

Also - no change to the computer's timestamp ???

What have I learned?

Only that these scenery.cfg files are NOT where the order is stored for the Scenery Listing in the Settings Library.

The next step would be to go looking for the text string that defines, say, the Catalina scenery files as this is one of the first (along with the Beaver) in the Settings Library List.


There is another (hidden) directory: In my case it is C:\Program Data\Microsoft\FSX. This directory has yet another Scenery.CFG file squirrelled away along with an "OldScenery.CFG", a "SceneryStatus.BIN" and a host of other scenery-related files. This one matches the listing in FSX "Settings\Scenery Library". It also contains files titled: "Scenery_CFG_Before_BeaverX_was_installed.cfg"



One strange thing: FSX ALWAYS writes Addon as the last entry in Scenery.CFG although it appears as the sixth in the Scenery Library List. Another FSX quirk? I've made a few changes and they all come up as moved in the config file if I move them in the Library list. The timestamp shows three files changed: OldScenery.CFG, Scenery.CFG and SceneryStatus.BIN.

All this just to say "thanks again, Joe". Looks like my Scenery file is back where it should be (at least, once I moved Reno back where it belongs).

Hopefully, the exercise taught us all something useful. It sure kept me off the streets for a few hours.



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Thanks for the update March,

I should have mentioned that the "working" scenery.cfg can be found by going to Windows Start - Run and type in %UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\scenery.cfg to take you straight there.



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