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A few shots from a practice bombing run in the Iris Vulcan Pro





Following some rivers and valleys to get used to the handling



Love the wing shots



Tower view as I fly by again to start the practice run



Target in sight



The target today is this small island, visible in the middle left window. Electrics have failed at this point, I forgot to press the alternator switch, for some reason the usual key command doesn't work and I had to map it to a joystick button



Getting down low to sneak under the radar



Time to pop up and release the package



A job well done, let's head home



Back through the valleys



Tower is guiding me in



Still trying to work out what happened here. A nice landing then all of a sudden she did a powerslide into this position. At least i'm still on the centre-line




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Nice pic's Rob :thum: Love the centerline shot at the end :rofl:

She sure does smoke alot :P Cool looking bird but not much of a view from the cockpit. Looks more like a spacecraft view. I like the big wings and the way the intakes are moulded in. I was gonna get this during the sale but went for the F14 instead. It was a hard choice. :D

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Nice shots there, was worried you'd dragged the HDU through the water at one point. The Tankers only had a short service life before they were scrapped, a somewhat ignominious end for such a great aircraft.

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