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  1. I'm still around Unfortunately don't do much simming anymore - which is a pity, as I've moved onto much more expensive and silly hobbies Good to see the 'ol Hangar going strong though!
  2. Happy Birthday Dave - and g'day everyone!
  3. Have you got a copy of Vista yet? Why use it at all? I still use XP Pro SP3 on my gaming rig an have never considered upgrading. I'll probably skip it and get Windows 7 once it's a stable OS (with a decent SP and mature drivers) and get myself an i7 system. EDIT: Just re-read your post. Hmm. I still think you should do away with Vista unless you really want it. Sure, XP may not look as pretty but whatever gets the job done right?
  4. JoeEllwood

    Civil War!

    Damn. Hope your immediate neck of the woods is safe. Take care buddy.
  5. Damn, that must be horrible. I may be out of sport for a while, but once I'm back I'll have a stronger knee than everyone else, plus a much reduced chance of osteoarthritis when I'm older. It's a long tough road though, as I'm sure he'd know. Lucky my physiotherapist is a good sort (plus she went to Beijing with the Aussie paralympic team so must be alright!) so it isn't all bad. Thanks! I'll be getting back into the simming once my PSU arrives, so I plan to hang around!
  6. Yep, got X-Plane too. Fun for a bit of pocket flying, but gets boring once the 'cool' factor wears off. iTunes Link
  7. Thanks guys, good to be back. Mut, in all honestly it's been a long time since I've had a lesson. I haven't had any plans to get my PPL for a while now, bit sad really - definitely not as passionate about flying as I once was - but I want to get back into simming. But of a shame I guess.
  8. I've got 4 1/2 pages of apps on my Touch It might be kinda expensive, but check out Crash Bandicoot Kart Racing. My favourite app for sure. iTunes Link
  9. Hey fellas, How are we all? Been a while since I've been here - tis a shame cos this is one of my favourite places on the net to hang out! I've had a pretty crazy year, did my knee playing soccer in August and had a knee reconstruction in October - still having regular physio and won't be able to run for another 6 months Apart from that, I'm done with school for the year and just starting to enjoy the holidays. No cricket for me this summer I guess! My PC took a crap a few weeks ago and needs a new PSU, waiting for a replacement now - I bought myself a new MacBook for school so it's getti
  10. Just got out of a Crysis playing online, in the middle of the game my team was defending the proto factory and someone threw a smoke grenade which created a nice effect. If only the HUD and writing was gone it'd make a nice wallpaper. -->>Full Size--<<
  11. Hey fellas, Finally got the skydiving video uploaded - had some problems with my encoding software but got it sorted. Up on YouTube now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJMC-Du-i_Q It's funny too, they have about 10 tunes which they edit onto the videos and it seems one of my favourite songs ("Scar Tissue" - Chili Peppers) was put onto the video at the start - that and the instructors name was Archie, the same name as my dog! How about that for irony!
  12. Looks a little suss to me also. Look at the nearest hailstone and it's shadow over the taxi line...
  13. I'm afraid that sort of stuff is already happening mate, I've heard of much worse stuff than that unfortunately. :neutral:
  14. JoeEllwood


    Thanks Mut! Here are a few pics from the handicam. I am getting the video sorted now and will upload it later tonight. The instructor and pilot. My instructor (Archie) seems eager for the jump...or scared! This was probably just a few seconds after we jumped out, judging by my expression and we weren't horizontal yet I like this one. Gives a good sensation of height. Those clouds don't look too good tho! Beautiful views of Surfers Paradise. Chute is out now and it looks like I'm turning it here. Rainy day but always beautiful. Gotta love the Gold Coast. A few metres above terr
  15. JoeEllwood


    Hey fellas, Just got back in Canberra a few hours ago after two days long driving. We decided to try a new way home thru NSW and it turned out to be a bad one, lost a few hours so it was nice to find somewhere to stay for the night. We had a little unit right on Surfers Paradise, across the road was the beach and we had some pretty amazing views. Our first night there was Australia Day and there was a fireworks display literally right in front of us on the beach. Was really amazing. As the fireworks started thousands of people came running out of all the restaurants to watch the display, it
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