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  1. Hope ORBX continue their expansion to the south, ftx na gold nca ends at Monterey. I couldn't fly into Heathrow without serious fps impact but after FTX England its no problem at all.
  2. Looks great! I fly mostly in online (IVAO) in Europe with high settings and no problems at all. But when the World Tour took me to the states KLAX, KORD i got alot of BSOD´s... and OOM´s but like you said its the speed and autogen density.
  3. thanks guys, glad you liked it, the song is from a swedish artist named Kent, singing in swedish always wondered how swedish sounds to non-swedes, guess i know now, almost asian
  4. Great video, thanks for sharing. Slider to the right over L.A on my system would cremate my cpu for sure...
  5. Hi guys and gals, Its been over a year since i made a video but finally found some inspiration and time to do one. Both real and flightsim in this one, and a neat song on top of that. Hope you like it!
  6. my latest video... main focus is on Milford Sound, but i had to put in some great NZSI clips aswell... hope you like it, and the end is a special one... wish it was another brew though
  7. thanks alot guys, glad you liked it... its this kind of feedback that gives me the energy to produce more videos...
  8. Hi, here is another video for you all, its with the ORBX Chichester/Goodwood airport.... hope you like it!
  9. Hi, hope you had a great holidays and a happy new year. Here is another fsx-video for you... hope you like it! Enjoy!
  10. thanks for sharing mate, suberb video!
  11. great video, looks like a short runway...
  12. great video peter, always nice to see another dimension of fsx, that airplane would have helped me alot in farming simulator... thanks for sharing!
  13. abyfredde79


    Hi guys, put together another video with the orbx - england scenery and the pmdg 737... and rex essentials + od... not so much scenery scenes in this one, main focus on the feel of the flight enviroment, hope you like it!
  14. another great video clem...nice landing on such a narrow runway... better watch out for cow-incursion...
  15. great video clem...razor sharp graphic...
  16. have to admit that there might have been some small paint scratches...
  17. thanks guys... orbx really do quality product....
  18. Hi guys, like to share my latest video, watch in 1080p for best graphic! Enjoy!
  19. Hi guys, sharing my latest video... This time i used FTX NA BLUE Pacific Fjords and the pmdg 737-800 Ameriican Airlines livery... there are a couple of hours behind this video, hope you like it.
  20. well, thanks stu, glad liked them!
  21. glad you liked them... will post more of them!
  22. thanks joe...
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