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  1. Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays! I have been learning about 3d design in gmax and been practicing my repaints to try and expand my fsx experience. I do love creating new things. Update Time! So the holidays were mostly good and some bad. It seems no matter which pilot I assign to which aircraft, how experienced they are or if their ratings are 100%, everyone does damage to my aircraft! I've had to call in an insurance claim a time or two for the 7xx's when I saw what the bill was going to cost. The Orbix fleet at the end of December. Ben Ross, one of my last Genair pilots spent his
  2. Looks like a good start! You'll find once you have a fleet and some pilots working for you, you'll start to take off.
  3. Oh man, could you imagine if Air hauler simulated that failure. The cattle get out and all run to the back of the airplane.
  4. Thanks John, I have some big aspirations. Just couldn't resist posting this. Snake on a plane? Ummm... Kai you can take that one.
  5. Looking good Jim. Gotta love when you catch that first glimpse of runway lights breaking through the fog.
  6. Haha I swore it didn't post and had to try again. And just wait until I expand overseas!
  7. 4 out of 8 of my pilots are rated up to the 767 and only one is unable to fly the ERJ's. Genair provides the aircraft and hours for when I find good young pilots to hire and if they do well there I move them up to Orbix when I can get a plane for them.
  8. 4 of my pilots are rated for the heavies and all but one rated for the ERJ's. Genair provides a good base to hire lower pilots and train them on the King Air's and/or Twin Otters to get the hours in. If they seem to make me more money than they cost me I move them up.
  9. I've been avoiding Airbus X so I could wait for this. Will be grabbing it soon.
  10. Thanks guys. I had a few days off work so I spend my long weekend putting in plenty of hours for Genair and mostly flying the Orbix brand. *Update Time* WARNING! Lots of changes again so this may be long winded. Having a 757 really helps build the revenue with the company and Orbix was proving to be a good reputation builder. Also now that I have some heavy metal Nic (my overqualified King Air pilot) actually has something worth flying and has been trading off with me to keep the money flowing. With money in the bank, opportunity for another big loan and a Christmas sale I just couldn't res
  11. Gorgeous shots and glad to see you got your 737. Future aircraft for Aviolinee Manzo perhaps?
  12. #1 for me. Just love the glow of the cockpit on my 767 at night.
  13. Awesome! Been eyeing up the Spartan for a while. My Air Hauler company may be making a new purchase soon.
  14. Grats on the 757 fleet. I just got my first and as you already can tell they are a workhorse of an aircraft (even if we both seemed to break em).
  15. @Rosario I started to put together a site for my photos at http://photography.jasonploegman.com but haven't updated it in a little while. Has a few of my favourite photos, especially the landscape black and whites.
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