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  1. Interesting machine...
  2. Nah, when it comes to aviation, I'm firmly anchored in the good ol' days
  3. I thank you all! Well, I guess birthdays have their own up side...
  4. UPDATE: (hint: I got it) Turns out, neither my friends nor the person who offered me his retired copy of this simulation have been completely honest with me. They all cooperated and lied to me all this time. So the generous simmer did indeed forget where he put the disk with the FFS Saab 340 when he retired it, but he found it a few days later, and wanted to send it to me through one of my mates. But my friends, knowing that my birthday was to follow on April the 8th, waited for that day to come to hand me the addon. In the meantime, I was told the guy still hasn't found the addon but wi
  5. Wow, what a ride! Good job dying too! Am especially loving the atmospheric shots.
  6. Thanks folks! Yes I'm using FS9, yes anti-aliasing is available in FS9 and no, I'm not using it. It won't work with my machine. I can't give you any details, I've never been keen on the inner workings of a PC/laptop. But considering the number and range of problems I've experienced with my FS over the years, I'm happy as long it works.
  7. On an early mornin' patrol over Frankfurt Getting ready to deploy, on a small airfield just outside Frankfurt Frankfurt skyline in the distance Commerzbank tower Messeturm, a rather interesting skyscraper Enough fun, back to the outskirts
  8. I hope you don't mind, I just couldn't help
  9. M.I.B.


    HA, whaduyaknow....X-Aviation Saab. Reminds me of my treasure quest... Enjoy your bird!
  10. A bit of off topic - no waaaay your glorious FS9 shots will be missed
  11. M.I.B.


    Thank you kindly!
  12. M.I.B.


    Thanks guys. When I first tasted this simulation, I was impressed to see just how many procedures and systems are nicely replicated, despite being a lite simulation.
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