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  1. Interesting machine...
  2. Nah, when it comes to aviation, I'm firmly anchored in the good ol' days
  3. I thank you all! Well, I guess birthdays have their own up side...
  4. UPDATE: (hint: I got it) Turns out, neither my friends nor the person who offered me his retired copy of this simulation have been completely honest with me. They all cooperated and lied to me all this time. So the generous simmer did indeed forget where he put the disk with the FFS Saab 340 when he retired it, but he found it a few days later, and wanted to send it to me through one of my mates. But my friends, knowing that my birthday was to follow on April the 8th, waited for that day to come to hand me the addon. In the meantime, I was told the guy still hasn't found the addon but wi
  5. Wow, what a ride! Good job dying too! Am especially loving the atmospheric shots.
  6. Thanks folks! Yes I'm using FS9, yes anti-aliasing is available in FS9 and no, I'm not using it. It won't work with my machine. I can't give you any details, I've never been keen on the inner workings of a PC/laptop. But considering the number and range of problems I've experienced with my FS over the years, I'm happy as long it works.
  7. On an early mornin' patrol over Frankfurt Getting ready to deploy, on a small airfield just outside Frankfurt Frankfurt skyline in the distance Commerzbank tower Messeturm, a rather interesting skyscraper Enough fun, back to the outskirts
  8. I hope you don't mind, I just couldn't help
  9. M.I.B.


    HA, whaduyaknow....X-Aviation Saab. Reminds me of my treasure quest... Enjoy your bird!
  10. A bit of off topic - no waaaay your glorious FS9 shots will be missed
  11. M.I.B.


    Thank you kindly!
  12. M.I.B.


    Thanks guys. When I first tasted this simulation, I was impressed to see just how many procedures and systems are nicely replicated, despite being a lite simulation.
  13. M.I.B.


    My first flight for 2016 took place in the 70s, departing Guadalajara, Mexico, for Lima, Peru with one of my favorite flying irons. Hope u like Loading pax and bags Next stop, South America UAL 727 South America in sight On final at SPIM
  14. Matter fact, I've been seriously considering getting the Virtualcol Saab pack ever since it was released. I own some of their planes (FS9), the Fokker 50 is pretty darn good, the Jetstream even better, the E-Jets less so. And so I kept resisting the temptation to get them, as I wasn't sure how they compare to my Aerosim Saab 340. I realize this pack includes the Saab 2000, I've got the freeware 2000 from BSMP coupled with a pretty good panel, and I'm not sure the Virtualcol offering is any better than that either. But then again, for little over 10 bucks, when my patience runs out, I might jus
  15. Thank you kindly for your offer Geoff, I already own a not-too-bad payware Saab 340 simulation, the one from Aerosim (part of the Aerosim propliner collection package). The FFS one is considerably better than the Aerosim though, hence my ambition to find a copy of it.
  16. It's about my quest to find that long lost, ancient treasure, the FFS Saab 340. There's been new developments on this "quest" of mine and I was thinking of sharing them with you, I know Geoff at least, was quite keen to follow this story. But before I go ahead, I wanna stress that getting the addon from "the dark side" has never been an option for me (not even if the dev is out of business), and now I understand how simply being curious if others would have different opinions on this matter (admittedly, I was curios), could lead to...well...undesired effects, despite most of us not having such
  17. Reminds me of the 'make luv not war' scene in MIB 3
  18. After spending the last 25 years under restoration, the first 727 that took to the skies is about to fly again, for the last time, to the Museum of Flight, where it will be put on permanent display. Read the whole story right here (I mean here).
  19. Seems this particular simulation (note that it is for FS9, I'm a die hard FS9er) is gone for good. But all hope's not lost just yet...
  20. It's not the first time something like this has happened to me, an old FS9 addon which is a must-have for me, has somehow slipped under my radar for many years. FFS Saab 340 is one of those must-have addons of whose existence I haven't been aware for so many years. Now I'd love to have this addon, but there is a problem which is quite obvious I guess, the developer is gone and the product is nowhere to be found. So I was wondering if anyone knows of some way to get this thing, maybe a simmer who owns but no longer uses it or something like that....upon scanning the net for more info on thi
  21. Oh my goodness, I wanna print some of these shots and hang em on my wall! Excellent scenes!
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