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  1. Wow nice plane! But I do have to ask, isn't printing money illegal?
  2. Wow very nice livery and signature. Good luck with your air company and may the wind be kind to you!
  3. Yes it happened again. And Brett I did as you suggested, when it started to pull up I looked at the Pitch Wheel at the bottom and it started to go from 3.5 Degrees to 9 Degrees. When I turn off the autopilot and set the pitch to 0.0 Degrees, it works just fine and I do not need to always pull down. Thank you for helping! I really appreciate it! Looks like I am going to look into the autopilot control and see what is up, thank you again!
  4. The aircraft is the Cessna 172 but I also had it happen on the Learjet. Could it be that I am using the Air Hauler? I do not believe one of the buttons are pressed since they are not bound onto the controller but I will still check. My vertical speed is set to 500 but it doesn't matter as it will pull up either way. Even when I descend it still pulls up to the top. Thank you for the suggestions and I will keep looking for a solution.
  5. Hello, I have been having this problem on FSX with different amount of planes which made it difficult to play. I use a wired game-pad to fly the plane and the keyboard for some operational tasks like parking brakes, ATC, etc. As soon as I lift off from an airfield I level my airplane and set the altitude that IFR tells me and switch the NAV point in the autopilot as well as on the plane itself. The plane makes the turn and the climb but after about 1 minute, the plane starts to pull up rapidly. I turn off my autopilot and try to take control but it still pulls up (all the way to the top li
  6. Thank you Mutley, I will look at the site and start learning!
  7. Hello, I have searched around the internet and found a program called DXTBump. I have downloaded it and found an instruction on this Site but it was on some medieval game. Does that manual apply to FSX? I would like to repaint my planes to fit my organization and add a little of my own heart into the game that I would love to see whenever I fly. Could someone point out if that is a good site? If not what site I can use to learn more about DXTBump or even some better tool that lets me create my own repaint of the planes. Thank you in advance. Oleg
  8. Thank you, the explanation helped a lot. I went trough some FSX training but I think it is more fun to learn from experience and others which in a way is how I remember things. Today I have practiced landing with the Cessna 182, the landing, flaps and evening out was easy but getting down to the right altitude before airport is tough. I seem to always over shoot and seem way too high up, my guess would be to take your suggests and apply them. Everyone has been very helpful and I appreciate the help!
  9. Thank you for the welcomes, makes me see what a great community this is! Very good welcoming and heart warming. I have bought the Cessna 182 which like you guys said a great plan. Instead of looking up I tried to average based on airplanes that have higher and lower specifications but close to the Cessna. I have been having trouble landing and getting to the right altitude, I do almost 98% of the time get Greaser but it makes me land somehow all the way at half, is that normal? The 4 lights that I sometimes see are always white and one or two sometimes light up. Anyway I am not sure about th
  10. I have considered the leasing option but my reputation is below 50, and is currently at 45.5. It is a tedious job gaining reputation but I found out that I only need to speed up the game to the fastest and just land and take off, which by itself is interesting. Yesterday I also learned how to use the autopilot on the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, which is an amazing tool! I did want to lease or even buy a plane but to get there I either need to lease it and wait to get a loan out when my rep is at 60 or get a medium sized plane with more weight capacity so I can earn more money as currently I am earnin
  11. To fix the issue where it says the file is corrupt, run the Air Hauler in Administrator mod. I used to get the same problem and it fixed it for me. As for the flight Simulator crashing, mine used to crash but I read around on the internet and found that you can try running it in Administrator mod, and if you have a desktop background that changes the picture every so and so minutes, you should disable that and just put a regular desktop picture. Exiting other applications also could help as they would not interfere with the game itself. Hope some of my information helped and best of luck to yo
  12. Hello, I recently attained Microsoft Flight Simulator X and found Air Hauler and of course got addicted to it. I started out in Career Mode which is not too much of a problem for me except the reputation. I have one plane mod installed and was wondering if the wonderfull community at Mutley's Hangar could recomend some variety of planes that could be good. (By varying I mean from small planes to medium to big in carrying capacity) The mod that I have installed is a medium sized plane but says that it costs alot (Nearly 2M in USD) and I am nowhere near that number. Aside from the planes, I
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