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Found 12 results

  1. I'm not sure which is correct - am I losing my marbles? Or, has my Air Hauler (1) database changed somehow? I'm (almost) positive that there used to be a field under "My Fleet" that showed the Cargo Capacity of each of my aircraft. It is still present in the "Lease/Buy Used" and the "New Aircraft Purchase" pages. Anyone care to comment?
  2. Here's the new bird on her maiden voyage CYVR-CYYC-CYVR. Over the Rockies at FL300. Printing money.
  3. Any of you AH experts out there figure out how to fly the stock FSX 738 without incurring damage penalties (ie: how do you flare the thing?). Every time I fly down the GP at what should be a normal rate of descent (approx 700-800 FPM) AH informs me that I've incurred damage - this is getting expensive. I'm not hand flying the thing. It is difficult enough to do anything with the "traveling joystick" (Logitech Gamepad) let alone control a jet. I'm capturing the localizer then the GS and getting the a/c established. At 200 AGL, I've been cancelling the A/T and letting the plane hit the
  4. I've reached "that moment" in the business where the decisions I am facing have the potential of dooming my business to a point beyond return. I have gotten past my "past due" fees at my last base (closing the base and moving somewhere better within 30 miles allows you to get out of paying the back-rent fees, apparently!) and have amassed over $2m with a fleet of 5 leased DC-3's (one is a C-47 with a modern cockpit) and I am faced with either saving up for the Airbus or opening another base (possibly KSFO) and hoping for some base-base action to help increase income. If I wait for the Airbus a
  5. Good day fellow haulers, I'm between a rock and a hard place. The Rock - I was planning on leasing an A321 for my top AI aluminum bender, Lauren. However, as this is going to be a sheep and potato hauler I decided to remove the seats to save a bit of weight (this being a tried and true AH method of getting a few more pounds in an aircraft flown by AI pilots). The A321 is listed as having 220 seats, so at an estimated weight of 30lb per seat I'd be picking up 6600 lbs of capacity if I left them in the hangar. I edited the aircraft.cfg file to reflect this change by reducing the
  6. March flies again! After a (almost) two month sabbatical, the boss climbed into his personal Beaver and actually made a buck for a change. QuikAire has been soldiering along under the capable management of Lauren (Crash) Pethard - now a Training Captain, high time hotshot, and general big-time earner. Lauren and Amelie have been burning up the PNW in a couple of DC-3's that March leased just before disappearing. The five pilots working for the company have managed to amass $8M in receipts. The boss is contemplating permanent retirement. Here's a screenshot of the laggard going for alti
  7. Anyone experience problems with slow to non-existent loading when bringing up AH? I'm doing a virus scan right now, just in case. This morning AH refused to load - it goes through the pop-up where it asks which company. Easy for me because there's only one. then there's the screen that says that AH (company) is loaded and the OK button. That's it - no further activity other than the little blue Windows "I'm working on something" rotating icon. This problem began, suddenly, this morning after a history of no problems with AH. The only difference is that I have switched ISP's as I'm now in Ne
  8. Vancouver Island to the Mainland - City of Vancouver off to port. AH's never sleep.
  9. It is amazing how FSX is able to capture the PNW sky colours. Here's a few taken in Full Screen Mode, especially for Alan.
  10. Strange thing happened in the PNW today: One of my AI pilots arrived at home base with a load aboard, advertised in OPS that she unloaded, then somehow didn't! Unload, that is. I noticed that the Skylane was listed as having cargo onboard. "Strange", I thought. I'd swear on my sainted mothers teapot that she unloaded that stuff. Checked - no credit. In fact, no record of the unloading at all. There's a note in the Activity Log showing that the aircraft loaded at source. Then there's a note that the aircraft landed at destination. End of story. That's in the log. The OPS board showed the ar
  11. Slow day at QuikAire. There's very little showing on the jobs board. I think I might have shot myself in the foot. I sent Lauren off the other day with a load of shoes on a fairly long trip (for a 172) down to Sunriver (S21). I did this, taking a gamble that something would show up between there and home. As it was there was little for her to do and it seemed like a good idea at the time. She's cooling her heels, costing me a small fortune in hotel rental, surrounded by 10,000ft mountains. I think I'll do her a favour and route her a bit further north with an empty airplane. Meanwhile
  12. Red letter day, today: QuikAire finally dragged itself past the magical 55% Rep mark and went hiring. I gotta tell you, it's been rough trying to get there, flying all these jobs myself in an aircraft (C172) that will only haul 585 pounds of stuff. Being the first day, I wasn't expecting much. Sure enough - the job applications weren't exactly pouring through the mailbox slot (we're in the PNW - they still use snail-mail here). There was a full Captain with a 10M MTOW rating - perfect for my non-existent Antonov, and a FO with a 49% reputation. Ah well! Keep on flying until something bette
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