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  1. You give great advice, however, I have said that very statement due in large part to cooling and non-esthetic issues. ;-) For example, in building my computer I was looking to get the best bang for the buck, a nice looking case that had high airflow with lots of room. I settled on the HAF 922 by Cooler Master. Great case, however, big drawbacks. Only the front air intake areas have screen filtering. No filtering on the two large intakes on the bottom, nor the huge ones on the side and top of the case. Granted the top is meant for exhaust flow but the area is purposely enlarged beyond the si
  2. I was reading this topic last night and implemented a few tweaks and a DX10 patch to fix some flickering though I'm not sure if I'll use DX10 full-time as one of my payware planes isn't 100% compatible as I thought, argh, lol. (DC-3 Legends of Flight, looks fantastic but exterior lights don't show in DX10 oddly) So anyways, I was thinking of something that I'd like to drop in here in case anyone might can help. How to speed up the game launching after having so many addon planes, both freeware and payware, in which many add custom gauges, sounds, etc.... I've heard that this will prolong the
  3. I'm hoping to get some more planes for FSX, lol. Looking at the Just Flight and Carenado sales at the moment. Looking for some more planes to use with Air Hauler, lol. That U206 Stationair with the 2 cargo doors on the side looks pretty nice for $8.99! But I also want the C208 with that Supercargomaster expansion for it. I bet that would be sweet in Air Hauler. I got the Constellation Pro so am looking at the addons for that too along with the 757 freemium addons. Too many planes I want and not sure I'll have the money budgeted in time, haha, though I do have some rewards saved up that could g
  4. Was thinking of the Tolkien thing. I'm sure Pink Floyd fans should know that stuff from The Wall and The Final Cut were all pretty much autobiographical stories of Waters and/or his family. His father died at Anzio in 1944 and the train scene in the film version of the album that shows the kid at the station as all the soldiers disembark to their waiting families, how his dad never got off... that was also true, he actually went through that. That's gotta be horrible for a child to experience! And that certainly explains the torment and emotion that comes out in the music related to it all.
  5. I don't have a great deal of war stories despite being a war vet, haha. I was lucky, we were far behind the lines as I was a crew chief on F-15s. But I do remember very well that very first mission we sent up. We had been on high alert a few days and everything prepped, the full real deal loaded on the planes, triggers cocked and only needing pilots. Up to this point everything felt just like the dozens of other simulated wargames we had taken part in. But then the pilot arrives, he's going over the plane with a fine tooth comb, and I'm following checking as we double, sometimes triple-check e
  6. Hehe, I hear ya. That's kind of the rut I'm stuck with on the DC-3/C-47 I have been working on. No matter the plane you gotta either sacrifice fuel load or cargo load because in most example you cannot ever go maximum on both. :-/ I think I have settled on a cfg and settings for the C-47 for the most part. Did some test flying with it last night with some success while figuring out some things. The biggest thing holding me back now is deciding to use the manual's normal operating loads of fuel and cargo or whether to go with the manual's full potential overload weight. Learned a lot research
  7. That's cool! Possum's Flying Service even sounds vintage, hehe. I searched up what you were talking about, good looking plane and great flying skill it appeared too. I will definitely have to give a look for a good C-46 to use, lot of freeware sites out there, I'm sure someone will have one. May also look around for payware stuff too since I'm looking to spend some money this holiday season while all the sales are going on, done checked JF but they don't have a C-46 that I saw. Bummer. Anyways, saw you commenting about the C-46/C-47/DC-3 stuff, lol. The C-46 was obviously favored by the milit
  8. Something I found online from a pilot's operating manual. I can see now the reason for the 26k weight always being used. That was normal operating weight. Weight in pounds ....................................................................Overload...............................Normal Weight empty. (including radio, 517 pounds) .......................................................................16,621 Useful Load a) Standard Cargo Arrangement Crew - 3 at 200 pounds each .........................................................................................600
  9. Well, helps some and confuses some. lol I was mainly looking for certain C-47 and/or DC-3 information along with DC-6A info. However, I had forgotten about the C-46, forgot about that plane and would be better for getting over mountains. You have a C-46 you can recommend? Freeware or payware doesn't matter but I'm not rich either but do save up for a plane I want bad enough. I guess to explain what I mean by the different folders and configs, the Just Flight DC-3 Legends of Flight, with add-on, puts what looks to be 4 folders of DC-3 versions and 5 folders of C-47/AC-47 versions. They all use
  10. Hi, stumbled across this topic earlier while playing around with Air Hauler and trying to import and fix some planes that I have recently bought and thought maybe I could get some more expert opinions since some of you are pretty knowledgeable it seems. First, I have been buying some planes in recent months from Just Flight, sometimes after reading reviews done by Mutley's. As-is the planes are fine for the level of simulation we have with FSX. However, when it comes to importing them into Air Hualer they sometimes leave a bit to be desired. One I bought and seemed to be in the ballpark witho
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