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  1. I'll most likely stick with FSX:A for the most part. There's just too much money sunk to abandon it. But I will start dabbling in X-Plane. Me and M$ are about at the end of our relationship. If I can get a good flight simulator running on Linux natively, Windows will be just a bittersweet memory.
  2. I seem to remember reading of a similar incident at an unmanned range tower by a US Navy aviator. His handle was quickly changed to Sniper.
  3. It was another great year for the MEBAR. Great legs and a fun plane to fly. Here are a few random pics from the trip. The first day was a tad cloudy. Saw lots of this, but usually less. Winding down on day 1. At least runway was visible. Was not thrilled about the low lying fog over one of the touch & go fields. Lost it twice in the pattern. This approach was much nicer. Really need to stick it on the numbers for the short touch & gos. Wrapping up another leg. Cranking a turn around a way point. Sunrise on leg 4 A
  4. While I love A2A planes, a broken trim actuator at 40 hours in real life would have me howling. Not taking care of the engine is one thing, but airframe issues? It keeps you on your toes, but the accelerated decrepitude is annoying.
  5. Pre-registered! Last year was a blast. Need to find another sweet ride. Hmmmm
  6. Hi Rosario, I haven't flown it in a while, but I remember reading about the fuel management. You don't switch tanks, gravity and automatic pumps feed the central "sump" tank from the outer tanks which then feeds the engines. If the engines are dying when the outer tanks run dry there is a serious problem. If the central tank is dry, you are out of fuel. Manual fuel management comes into play if you have an external tank. The fuel pump has to be turned on to transfer the fuel out of that tank into the primary system. I don't know if I've flown it long enough to ever run out of
  7. Nice. Is it just me or does the Gherkin Building appear to be rude?
  8. Thanks everyone. And that's 3 1920x1080 monitors hanging off a GTX 970. It's not quite full screen though. If I go full screen the frame rate wants to tank. Setting the window to about halfway across each of the side monitors gets a solid 60.
  9. Seconded. The Staggerwing sure is pretty.
  10. Had the DC-3 stuck up in the middle of nowhere while other things were going on. After finally getting back into the cargo game I couldn't for the life of me find a job going back to home base at 7KA that didn't require a 3 hour flight to get to it. To boot, it was at an airport the AI pilots were afraid to take off from. "It's a DC-3 fer chrissakes!" Could probably get her airborne in the length of a diving board when she's empty. Anyway, the trip home made for some decent pics. 9:30 AM and the sun isn't even out of bed Finally some decent light
  11. Raising a pint of Sierra Nevada IPA to Mr. Rickman. He shall be missed.
  12. Nice plane and great shots. Chicks dig round engines!
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