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  1. Thomas Farr


    I use AVG 2015 free and probably one of the best ones out there. I have nothing but praise for it.
  2. I posted in the classifieds about two weeks ago some addons i'm looking to sell whatever takes your fancy drop me a line and as most have said your in the right place for help any help that you need i willing to give your hints and tips... Regards Tom
  3. I think it was just FTX central needing to be updated and i run FTX global in hybrid mode it works wonders.
  4. i did and thankyou, i'm all sorted finally!!!!
  5. Yes it is that one but it doesn't have an option for v2 only v1
  6. i don't think i had activated it in ftx central
  7. i think it was because i didn't have ftx global turned on
  8. Patches like this but this could be without ftx global enabled Tom
  9. I've read on the Orbx forum there is an update to FTX central 2 and the library but when you download it says there is a separate update for P3Dv2.5. So i don't know. I'll post a photo of the patches. I mean any help will be greatly appreciated. Tom
  10. Hi there i was wondering if anyone on here used P3D with orbx ftx global base and Ftx england. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm only asking because i seem to keep getting patches in my scenery!! it's markedly better then FSX but i need help regards tom
  11. 4 boxed editions, which I no longer use and think they might be better used by someone-else. All P&P included in the price, will listen to all offers!! (open to offers on all!!!) - Captain sim 757, good condition, looking for around £12 to £15 - Ultimate traffic 2, good condition, hardly used, looking for around £7 to £9 - Wilco A330/340, good condition, used for a short period, looking for around £5 to £7 - PMDG 737-800/900 good condition, crack in the box was there on delivery from amazon disk un-scratched, looking for aroung £20 to £25
  12. cheers guys or the suggestions
  13. it may be irrelevant but i am using steam edition of FSX??? it is still blurry when i turn the display sliders down!
  14. it's not that it is taxing my system by any means it happens in all views. It's good scenery but it is more a disappointment as it looks so good on the website and to then have blurry textures it is very annoying.#
  15. It's only with orbx and it get's slightly sharper when i pause. I'll post a screenshot later Cheers Tom
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