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  1. Hello to one and all, I have a new pc arriving in the next 2 weeks. Nvida RTX 2080 Super . Advice on monitor single wide screen or triple My budget is £1000 looking at these monitors Acer XR382CQKbmijqphuzx 37.5 Inch WQHD Curved BenQ EX3501R 35 Inch Ultra WQHD 100 Hz HDR AOC AGON AG352UCG6 35 Or triple iiyama GB2760QSU-B1 thin bezel Or any advice will be appreciated The PC will only be used for MSFS 2020 Xplane 11 and Car Racing sim only I will probably purchase from Amazon, ultra fast returns. I am thinking dead pixel Thank
  2. Hello to one and all. Advice on purchasing this pc from Chillblast You helped me 4 years ago I fly X-Plane 11 and I will be purchasing MSFS 2020 that’s all this pc will be doing Chillblast Dreamliner Elite Flight Sim PC My questions please 32GB DDR4 3200MHz is this enough for future proofing . Corsair Hydro H100i RGB PLATINUM CPU Cooler for a man of my age (72) water electrics just doesn’t seem right Thank you Kind regards to you all Please feel free to PM me
  3. marlinleg


    Thank you . To be honest for what it’s going to cost on the pc build you are absolutely right . Once again thank you
  4. marlinleg


    Hi to one and all I am having a pc built . Will it be wise to upgrade ram from 32gb to 64g to future proof . Thank you
  5. Hi to one and all advice on Joystick/Throttle/ Rudder please At the moment I am using Saitek X52Pro which has not had a lot of use Do I buy a set of Rudders and link them to the X52Pro recommend please Or buy a new a joystick /throttle/ rudder control SET recommend please Can anyone Recommend brand please I have been a PC flight Simer for many years but not experienced I think one reason is I have not used rudder pedals before and reading a lot of people say they are well worth it I now am going to put that right Thank you in advance Kind regards PhilMy PC Spec
  6. Hello to everyone, I have decided on my PC. I have really looked into it and I am ready to buy ,below is my choice, if you can have a look please and offer me your options. I have put all the specs ,also a couple of questions on monitors and Memory Chillblast Fusion Nimbus 2 Flight Sim PC Processor: Intel Core i7-6700K Skylake CPU, 4 Cores, 4.0 - 4.2GHz Overclocking: Overclock my CPU by up to 20% Case: NZXT H440 Case - Black / Red Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Graphics Card CPU Cooler: Corsair Hydro H80i V2 CPU Cooler Thermal Paste: Prolimatech PK-3 Nano Part
  7. Thankyou so much. I have been looking at Chillblast,and they do have a solid reputation also a lot of the PC Magazine recommend them. I will be looking at them .and if I may I will ask your advice again when I narrow it down to 2 PC once again Gentlmen THANKYOU
  8. Hello I would like advice please . Can I upgrade my graphics card, also i need need to know which make and model number please my Pc was a home build, I purchased it with monitor when my work mate emigrated (£400,I put SSD DRIVE IN) I HAVE OWNED IT FOR 3 years but I think now games have a lot more more detail MY PC Desktop spec Windows 10 64-bit Cup i5 760@2.80 GHz Lynfield 45 nm technology Ram 8.gb Dual-Channel DDR3 @668 MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard Micro Star International PP55-GD65(ms758) cpu BenQXL2410T monitor (1920x1080)&60HZ 1024MB ATI Amd Radeon HD 5800series (s
  9. Hi Brain what I mean was I haven't down loaded Preperd3d yet Or any add-ons ever, I have downloaded FSX Steam and a then a Piper Cheyenne from Aerosoft on my old PC after reading everything I got that right , I will read and reread before downloading anything I will be using Windows 7, and I am keeping my old PC to look at Windows 10 as I am entitled for a free upgrade on that One last question, is there a preferred web browser I am using chrome On my old PC thanks once again
  10. Hello to one and all,can someone advise me please, as which of these Flight Sims will be best suited to my new PC. FSX Steam/Prepar3d/Xplane After talking with Alec from Chillblast here are the specs Cooler Master CM-690 III Advanced Dominator Case USB 3.0 Intel Core i7 5960X Haswell-E 8-Cored 3.50GHz Processor – Overclocked to 4.2GHz Corsair Hydro Series H100i GTX Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler Gigabyte GA-X99-Gaming 5 Intel X99 Motherboard 16GB Corsair/Crucial DDR4 2133MHz Memory Chillblast NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 4GB Graphics Card 1000GB Samsung 850 EVO Solid State Drive
  11. hello to one and all, i am new to FSX although i have played around on it,now i am retired and have more time, can someone advice on a list of ad-dons, my PC was purchased form a guy at work who was emigrating and he had built it himself, its old but i got it for £300 with a Ben q screen and Logitech G15 keyboard its a Windows 7 64 bit Intel i5 760@2.80ghz and a Radeon HD 5800 ram 8gb graphic card. mother board ms 7583 it came with a 64gb ssd but i have put a Samsung ssd 250 drive in i have the boxed FSX installed also Just-flights VFR real photo scenery England and Wales i got a free dow
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