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  1. Congratulations to all of those who have received good results! I managed to get 36/40 for my first Biology Coursework draft, which is an A. :sleep: To any of those who are sitting January Modules, good luck. Cheers, Theo.
  2. NB: I've put this in Real World Aviation as I know quite a few us of are real-world pilots. Hello Chaps, I have setup a new website - currently it is a work in progress.
  3. Soon we'll be seeing Mutleys Hangar for your iPhone! And Blackberries as well. Cheers, Theo
  4. Surely the landing gear should hold up a bit better to pressure like this?! :neutral: I've hit the deck so hard sometimes in the Piper and yet it still keeps going!? :shock: Cheers, Theo.
  5. Condolences to the family also, but on a more serious note - is it not good airmanship to inform the local authorities when radar contact is lost and attempts to contact are lost? (Albeit dependant on Airspace) Cheers, Theo.
  6. Excellent, bad news for my friends - they just got off an American Airlines flight which had a 10 hour delay! Kind Regards, Theo.
  7. Hello Chaps, Have you lot had any experience with the Virgin Upper Class lounge at JFK, if so; can you tell me what I may expect? Kind Regards, Theo.
  8. Dave, you're so lucky to be flying around an area abundant in such natural beauty! The highlight of my flight would be circling over a council estate! Kind Regards, Theo.
  9. hello_basil


    Fantastic! I was in love with my Canon but then came along my Laptop...kidding! :mrhappy: If you need a bag for it, I'd suggest a Crumpler - they're very protective and waterproof too! Cheers, Theo.
  10. hello_basil


    Good luck mate, I've got my reference and personal statement all set - if I don't like the look of a Robotics Course at UWE then its off to Oxford Aviation for me! :mrhappy: Cheers, Theo.
  11. hello_basil


    Bit of a diverse job range? Ship's Captain or a Sponsored CTC course? :mrhappy: Make ya mind up! :roll:
  12. Do you not watch BBC News 24 Mut? They had an article on it a few days back! :eyebrow:
  13. We use wireless - utterly flawless, have had it installed for over 5 years now! Seriously, visit www.ebuyer.co.uk and get a cheap wi-fi ADSL Router, you won't regret it - as long as you have decent protection with it then no sad old sod will hack into it. :mrhappy:
  14. We'll never know the full truth, the company will try to dumb down the story as much as possible so it does not affect sales and the media will try to hype it up as much as possible to sell a paper - thats always been the way; unless there is an unbiased report. :neutral: Cheers, Theo.
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