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  1. Well hello chaps, long time no see. I lost interest in FSX not so long ago, yet I decided to purchase a 9600GT, and decided to see what FSX ran like. Its quite impressive I have to say compared to my old card, perking up a nice 25fps over pretty much any city with settings on pretty much max. Light bloom is only for special occasions though! I have been extremely busy lately with sport, college and being out and about hence I will not be posting often, since its just not possible. I thought I would show my presence though, with some new shots from my new card!! #1- playing with the sun #2
  2. Well I did consider Maths, but I decided to go for a different route, through Geology. I am hopefully going to Durham to study Geoscience, which looks amazing. You look at all sorts from earthquakes to glaciation! I got 298/300 in geography :clap: Thats why I am doing that course The further is lovely, youll look back at core 1 in a year and just laugh! Anyways, I am applying to CTC Wings come my 18th birthday, so you never know, if i get on that course, this time next year ill be in New Zeeeeeeland! Chances of that? Nil! :doh
  3. I do Further Maths, also In my A level I got 91 in Core 1, 94 in Core 2, 86 in D1, 85 in Stats 1B, 74 in Core 3 , and I am sitting C4 in January. We are doing Further Pure 1, and Decision 2 for Further Maths in January as well, and the other 4 in June I love it. Its soooo nice... Its not to much harder than normal maths, is the Further stuff. FP1 is a walk in the park to be honest! Complex Numbers- EASY! Matrices- Easy in FP1, bloody difficult in FP4... You have to find the area of 3D parallelograms, and such like, with vectors and matrices! :clap: :mrhappy: :mrhappy: :mrhappy:
  4. Absolutely breathtaking. You should be proud of yourself. :good :good :good :good :good
  5. 1mag1n3

    Pan-Am 747

    One for the scrap heap? This is absolutely perfect. I think the detail is one of the best i have seen. Put this in the scrap heap...and ill hunt you down!!! :nervious:
  6. Heh Oh, and its a 757, not a 737
  7. Thanks Rob, yes we did have an ideal seat! It had a bit of dirt on the outside so i had to bend my neck quite a bit to get the shots! Sorry about the second pic, the quality has been lost due to the forum reducing its size!
  8. These 2 are of the flight leaving Dalaman airport, with a lovely sunrise. This shows I am not dead, just kind of in the background getting bogged down with college, sport, and other stuff! Taken with Sony a200 Hope you like them, and I may even try get these 2 onto the likes of Jetphotos and Airliners, but they need some serious editing first!
  9. 1mag1n3


    Yeah the guy put in a bag for me, and it is a crumpler!!! Thats funny, since you recommend it :mrhappy: It does seem like a nice solid bag, and it can hold another lens when i get one which is obviously a plus. And yeah, i really like the camera, im looking forward to getting out there into the wilderness and getting snapping!
  10. 1mag1n3


    Ive just got myself my a200, and ive had it an hour and im in love :wub Ill get some nice pictures and put them up for yall to see :mrhappy: But so far i have not got a bad word to say!
  11. 1mag1n3


    Haha! I thought why not apply for both. I am interested in travel and transport so there is nothing to lose! Obviously my priority number one is a pilot!!! We shall see :mrhappy:
  12. Im an EA-6B Prowler. Looks like me and you are similar Phil
  13. 1mag1n3


    Yes, its me! Well ive been so busy lately it is unbelieveable. I have been bogged down with college work, and filling in my university application and personal statement. As well as this ive been applying for the CTC wings flight school, and for a university sponsered course to progress to a ships captain. Oh, and ive got a part time job in morrisons :eyebrow: And im about to buy a Sony A200 camera.. And my hard disk gave out so thats been away getting fixed. Life is hectic, and im only 17! :yes:
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