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  1. Well, that's the thing. If I'm not mistaken, in the real world, it's about hours flown, not jobs done. I understand why it's like this in the game, I just wish I didn't choose career right now. lol.
  2. Yep. Too bad its not hours but jobs done-based. I have more hours than most of my pilots with higher ratings than me. lol
  3. I just tried to take the A321; it was a no-go. I'm not rated. lol. Oh well, I guess I'll be flying the Bravo on as many very-short trips as I can fit in to get the 70. Here I was, thinking I was being slick and getting into jets. Good thing I still have the Bravo and the DC-3's around to fly myself while everyone else gets to jet-set around the Western US! lol
  4. The one thing I'm not entirely clear on in career mode is how I can progress to 1st Officer. Do I need 70 flights total? I'm at 45 now, so I guess I need to do another 25 jobs to get to be able to fly the A321's myself?
  5. This week, SCE leased it's first A321. By the end of today, we will be trading in the ol' DC-3's for a second A321 and going all-in on jets. We have bases at KLAX and LSFO now, and will likely be opening a base in either KORD or KIAH later this week or next week. The DC-3's (and one C-47) have served us well, but our growing reputation is bringing us bigger orders for farther distances. All our pilots are now certified to fly these bigger jets, and we will start putting them into the rotation for flight duties in the A321's. Going from a negative balance to having 2 leased jets and two
  6. That's exactly right, and in our case, very true. lol
  7. Not since the Haggis Incident of 2011 have we missed a deadline. We were on a great roll until yesterday when two loads were left half-delivered on the tarmac. When I checked into Ops and found the problem, I immediately called the pilot who was sitting in the pilot's lounge at KTRK. "Walt? What are you doing?" I asked him knowing he should have been flying and not relaxing. "Well, the plane disappeared with Mark. The dispatchers told me they had it all under control, so I just picked up my bag, grabbed a Dr. Pepper and took a seat. You know, this Dr. Phil guy is an idiot." "Wait.
  8. Turns out the CRJ700 costs more than the A321. Go figure. Do any cargo companies in the US use the C-130? I know they're popular in Africa and overseas, but I have yet to see one in the US. Just wondering (not that it would keep me from using one, but I worry it will run the same problem as the CRJ700 in relation to price vs the A321). I downloaded a really nice Dash-7. I need to do some editing of the aircraft.cfg file and then I will see how it fares in relation to price. Thanks for the recommendations, guys!
  9. I thought of this thread when I had to assign a pilot to fly a DC-3's worth of cargo in a Mooney Bravo today so he could gain some hours. lol.
  10. I liked the 185 and used 5 of them at one time in my company and then went to the DC-3, another taildragger. I can't wait to get into the jets soon to get back to being able to see the runway/taxiways again! lol In one of my past companies, we flew the 208G and the B1900C/D. Those were great planes to fly! I may get a few 1900's once we move into the bigger jets for whenever I want to do shorter hauls. With that said, I think I have more 208G hours than anything else in FSX.
  11. I've reached "that moment" in the business where the decisions I am facing have the potential of dooming my business to a point beyond return. I have gotten past my "past due" fees at my last base (closing the base and moving somewhere better within 30 miles allows you to get out of paying the back-rent fees, apparently!) and have amassed over $2m with a fleet of 5 leased DC-3's (one is a C-47 with a modern cockpit) and I am faced with either saving up for the Airbus or opening another base (possibly KSFO) and hoping for some base-base action to help increase income. If I wait for the Airbus a
  12. These are beautiful repaints! I'm trying to edit the aircraft.cfg file to make it a more cargo variant. It's proving to be... difficult. I love the model and the new cockpit. Your repaints really add to the interesting variants available now!
  13. I can't wait. I'm enjoying AH very, very much at the moment. The only issue I'm having now (which is NOT related to AH in ANY way, btw) is having to edit the aircraft.cfg file for a very nice DC-3/C-47 to make it match the weight capabilities of the stock DC-3. I love the visual model and cockpit of this new version, but I can't go to a DC-3 that only carries 3500k lbs. That seems entirely unrealistic to me.
  14. Are you watching over my shoulder? lol Right now, I'm more dispatcher than pilot only because of time at work. Once I have time this weekend, I will be flying the requisite flights to be able to fly the A321's. We won't progress as a company until I can fly them. To that end, I've limited our fleet to 3 DC-3's right now. I may buy a second base and another DC-3 or two, but I have a self-imposed cap of 6 pilots (5 AI + me). That should allow me to make the money and get into the A321's in short order. For now, though, I VPN into my home computer to make sure the planes are earning money at
  15. Thanks! I love and distrust my pilots, too. I've had them bang up almost every single plane I've had in the fleet, some for quite a bit of damage. I can just imagine them out there flying drunk or maybe just too tired. I don't know. 100% pilots shouldn't be pranging planes so often (and so badly)! lol We're up to 2 DC-3's now. I stopped flying the C185F's after we got the second DC-3 since it was so much work for so little return on the effort put into the planning and coordination. lol. I will be leasing a third DC-3 within the next few hours and will likely let the fleet get to 5 bef
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