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  1. Hi John, That's quite a mouthful, I will have a look into it and get back to you some time later.
  2. Hi John, Thank you for your reply. I run Gr1 on FSX which I have had for awhile now and have learnt quite a bit which I follow from the Operations Manual but I still come up with problems that need answers to so lets start from the first question. When the pilot climbs into the aircraft it will be dead which means he has to go through the preflight startup procedure. When I click on fly now in the tutorial mode, the aircraft comes up live which means that I have been going into the pop out cockpit layout menu upper left and shutting it down which I don't think is correct, can you
  3. Hi guys, How many of you gentleman here are the GR 1 experts.
  4. Hi guys, Thank you very much for that info, but I found that one out awhile ago now, Cheers.
  5. Tornado GR 1 Operations Manual View File Hi Guys, Referring to page 107 of manual, dose anyone know where you select rear cockpit view to turn on TV Displays. Regards, Raymond Submitter Raymond Submitted 06/12/16 Category Aircraft  
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