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  1. I was wondering that myself Jan Kees. Now I understand why Huudb is not picking you up on the 20-iest, to come to the Aviodrome Museum, heheh! nice shots indeed, as always. Best, Rob
  2. Robcap

    Another Spitfire!

    lovely, nothing changes realy, does it ? Are those re-enactors of dad's army in those opening pics? great show, that is. I visited the dad's army museum in Bressingham last summer, they have Jones-ies van! R.
  3. Robcap

    DC 2

    It is indeed but only when you can keep it in the air more than 10 minutes :001_th_smiles48: The last two flights I've had have ended due to engine fires :001_th_smiles48: It is a great aircraft though, just need to improve my flying skills. Sorry for my late reply (holidays ;-) ) But maybe you should re-download the latest version from Our DC2 site. There was an update in january, and besides some omprovemnts in modelling and gauges, there was also an improved flight model. That should reduce your engine fires. But still, you can't fly her full throttle all the time, you have to
  4. Robcap


    Looking great JanKees. You should go down to our site DC2-FS.COM, and get the latest version, with the 3D gauges. Free for existing FSX customers. Exterior is improved as well on some parts. Cheers, Rob
  5. It is indeed a stunning adventure, early pax flights and all those races. Cool she likes it!Chheers, Rob
  6. Well, I have now clue about how to animate the people and the cars, that's Johns work. So that's what I asked him as well: this was his reply, a few months ago: I use another 3d program published by DAZ called Carrara Pro, and the program Poser, and gmax. and others. It can get complicated at times. :-) He used our Gmax source, to have the pilots in the model, working the throttles. It was very nice to work together with him, he worked out a story board, and I would comment on accuracy. I really like the part with the sharks, Jimmy Melrouse dead stick landing, the aborted landing with the
  7. Hi, John MacKay made a great video of the adventurous flight the Douglas DC2 made in 1934, during the London Melbourne race. He followed the data from the Diary kept by one of the passengers, Mr. Domenie. You can read that here: Domenie Diary Not only the Uiver story is covered, also the most spectacular events from other contestants are not forgotten. Anyway, enjoy the movie of the Uiver, brought to you by Jonh MacKay and the "UIVER" Team Cheers, Rob
  8. geez Tim, coco beer :shrug_no:
  9. Robcap


    Great pics Tim, glad you like her. It was my pleasure. I followed the MEBAR, and had a lot of fun checking all comments and forum posts. Flew a few legs myself, out of competuition ofcourse, just to get into the right feeling! Looking forward to you more decent workout :bb: Differences between DC2 and DC3, there are many. Here are a few: Actually the first DC3 had the same engines as the DC2: Wright Cyclone 1820 F52, 9 cylinder radial. DC2: no cowl flaps for the engines. DC2: straight cabin walls, DC3 has a round fuselage. So the DC3 could seat 7 rows of 3, DC2 7 rows of 2 pax. DC2: bi
  10. Very nice vid, great music too, long time ago i listned to that. Thanks, Rob. R.
  11. Thanks for the review, Rob and Joe :001_th_smiles89: We feel the 2D panel is not upto standards anymore. (at least not ours ) And the VC is quite accurate.But the 2D panel was included in the FS9 version, and the panel entries are still in the panel.cfg. I will upload the 2D panel view. Then you can decide if you like it and want to keep it. We won't support it though :th_smiles73: Get it here. and paste it in your panel folder(s). DC2 Panel ZIP file Cheers, Rob Edit: Whoops, the entries are not in the panel.cfg. Then I must look into things, and fix that for you. I'll get back on
  12. Actually, the DC2 pilot told me, that during a descend, he moved the mixture levers the 'wrong' way (DC3 style, away from him), thus cutting off the engines. Moving the toward him (DC2 style) in order to enrich the mixture, the engines came back to life. Obviously an easy mistake to make in the DC2 :blush: Nice shots BTW, I hope you're enjoying the old lady. Rob
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