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  1. Yes I was thinking of REX, I suppose its about getting the right balance for cloud cover Thanks Stu7708.
  2. Hi Guys does these Extra addons effect FPS or are they good to use never tried any of them before ????
  3. First Shot looks almost real, Great
  4. Yes I had the Sublogic Flt Sim and I still have the Maps that came with it with all the jetways and VORs on them I still use it to Navagate in the USA. Gunfighter
  5. I had all the old FltSims back then even on the old ZX Spectrum with a plugin Joystick.......... Happy Days. OMG am I that Old......LOL
  6. I took off again between the Min-el-ium (I can't say Millennium) Bridge and the Tyne Bridge and if you have read about my CH Throttle (it drops power now and then)You would know what a Bum Tweeker That was LOL.
  7. Landing Cessna 185F on the Tyne
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