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  1. Here are mine: 1. A hazy morning approach into Montreal. 2. Waking up on your own little island. 3. Boeing test flight.
  2. Okay, here are my three. 1. Buzzing the neighbourhoods of Cairns. 2. That'll wake you up in the morning! 3. Inspecting the roads and parking lots at CYVR.
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    Yup, I'm running it as administrator. Looks like its time to seek out help from the developers! Thanks for the assistance.
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    Hmm... I seem to be having a problem. When I open the installer (latest version - 4.0.38), I do not see what the manual says I should. After accepting the copyright, I should see a screen with the two install options, like this: Instead, right when I open the installer, I am getting this: followed by this: Now I'm confused.
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    Hi guys, I've just got a quick question here. I decided to take a look at the NL2000 scenery, but I'm a little confused with the installation procedure. I know some of you on the forum might have it, so I hope someone can help me. I downloaded the packages from the http links on their download page, so now I have a mix of .nl2 (airports) and .zip (regions) files. As I understand it, I am supposed to unzip the region files and then put everything (including the airports, libraries, etc.) in a single folder (i.e. C:\NL2000). After that, I run the installer, and install the scenery. Is that the
  6. I probably should provide an update... I've now been running with a new Corsair HX850 (RMA'd the old one) for a few months, and everything seems to be fine. Sorry for digging up an old topic, but I realized I didn't even provide a conclusion on the problem. But thanks to everyone who helped! Hopefully the machine will run properly now!
  7. Yes, it is the Tecnam P2006T! On to you, Alan.
  8. No one's got it yet. Hint: Be sure not to drink any vino before you go flying...
  9. Thank you! I actually found it after looking up the Lockheed Jetstar that Kieran had mentioned. Right at the bottom of the Wikipedia page for the Jetstar was a list of related aircraft - one of them was the McDonnell 119. Quite an odd-looking plane! Anyway, here is the next one. I hope I didn't make it too easy...
  10. Could it have been the McDonnell 119/220? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McDonnell_119
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